Saturday, 31 December 2011

all things lovely...

I hope you have all had a good xmas, mine was filled with the kids being excited and loud and just the odd moment of silence. I love xmas a time just for family to relax and enjoy x Mind you ot seemed to of flown past, i cant quite believe that this is the last night of 2011. I will have a few glasses of sparkling wine to see the new year in, but not too many as i have to go to work for 8 in the morning.
This morning though i had a most lovely surprise, a surprise because i had forgotten about it.  A little parcel came through the letter box for me.... i was thinking what have i got recently, how i could of forgotten i dont know but here is what i got..

This lovely little parcel which had a  lovely little box inside. It was posted by Janis at Giraffe Jewellery.. she makes some lovely pieces of jewellery you must pop by and say hello, please do say that i sent you as i mentioned to her that i would blog about her. I love the fact that she wrapped her box in Giraffe patterned paper.

You can catch her website on her card..

and this is the lovely piece that i had decided to buy, i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it a seed pod piece which has a green amber stone in it, i do love natural stone in my jewellery...i dont buy jewellery very often, but this piece just stood out, love it so thankyou Janis for sending out so quicky x x

Also today i finished off a commission piece.
It was a pink gingham elephant for a little girl who is going to have her first birthday. The customer had already brought one of my blue elephants for her nephew with his name on for xmas and he loved it so thought of me again for her friends little girl. This pink elephant has also had a name put on ..Nelly.

Its so nice to have customers return to buy your makes, hopefully Nelly will be pleased with it too..I now have 1 blue chequered left so lets hope he founds a new home soon too.

Happy new year to all, its been a great year being a blogger ive had my ups and downs and its been so nice having all your support and loving advice. I will have a toast to all of you. Come on 2012 its got to be a better year then i have just had x x  goodbye for now and i will see you all in 2012 x  x ps if i havent said it already THANKYOU  xxx

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Liebster Award

I have been very lucky to be given an award by  Jo at Through the keyhole, sorry tried to link but somehow its not qiute working, Jo also does a blog called The Good Life so why not go and pay her a visit.

The Liebster award is awarded to blogs with less than one hundred followers, and comes with a couple of rules.

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. Thank the giver(s) and link back to them.
3. Choose five blogs which you would like to pass the award on to and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there to choose from. On this occasion I'd like to pass the award on to the following five blogs  

1. A little birdie told me
2. Dotty's blog
3. Country rabbit
4. Coco rose
5. Felted house

if you havent already popped by then please do and say that i have sent you x
Thats it for now, but i will be back soon x

Monday, 12 December 2011


just another quick post for advice, i have an email from Janel from shopaholic, have any of you heard about this also named not sure if i should look into further or whether it is a no go area eg virus etc please let me know x x

chester the cat

This is a special little post just for the felted house.
This is my boy Chester he has white little paws too, as you can see he likes to get into the strangest of places, in this case my shredded paper that i use for my hens xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas time!

Wow hasnt xmas come round quickly. Im so not ready yet, so much more to do. Xmas presents still to get, xmas cake still to ice, that can wait a couple more days though as i have just topped it up with more brandy ohh i cant wait to have a slice..  i do love a piece of xmas cake especially when its homemade.  I still have some more decs to put up, every year we all sit down and have a dable of making our own paper chains, they always seem to be much nicer then the foil ones, and they are recycable, which we all like.
I have one more xmas fayre to do this weekend. This one is going to be held in the church in the village which will also be  holding the festival of light so all the xmas trees will be in and all lit up. Fab it will be the first fayre the church has done so im really looking forward to it, but i must remember to wrap up warm as the weather here has become really cold and chilly. Talking about xmas fayres i popped to the church in the village down the road called Chippenham. I went last year and it was so cosy and xmasy, so i had to go back again this year. I wasnt let down as it was just as good this year, traffic was queued up on both sides of the street. I was also suprised to bump into a fellow blogger, i have never come across her before but she was a lovely lady, my son and daughter loved her jewellery. It wasnt expensive and it had a slight twist as my son got a necklace which was made out of old bottle caps and my daughter brought a lovely bracelet made with buttons. So when i got home i had a look at her blog, why not pop by and say hello you will find her at 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Xmas Fayre

Before i start i must apologise for the darkness of the photos as the barn it self was in quite a low light.
My first proper Xmas Fayre was this weekend and ohh i felt excited if not rather nervous..
But hey i shouldnt of been, as it turned out rather lovely.
The Fayre was in a barn at a farm in the village, the same farm where we get our strawberries.  The owners were raising money for a charity called Becken, this charity is set up to build a school in Africa (i think) so far they have brought the land, but this needs alot of work to clear the area before they make a start on the building. Anyway back to the fayre, there was alot of people who turned up and the atmosphere was lovely. I decided to do this event with a few friends. One of them you may know was Zoe at Scented Sweetpeas, Zoe didnt have enough items for her own table so a couple of us shared her makes between us. For all of you who may not know her, she makes the most wonderful  felt Hairclips, hairbands, brooches and the odd xmas dec's, please do drop by and see her and say hello.
Also there were 3 more friends Louise who decorated some  fab candles and  also she did some flower arrangements, Lorraine who made some fabulous silver jewellery, she had some lovely pieces with fingerprints and footprints on them.

Here is the lovely Lorraine, sorry i have no close ups of her lovely Jewellery.
And lastly there was Jackie, she has been very busy making some lovely handmade clay xmas decorations in all different colours reds, blues, whites etc and they all have some sweet little sayings, pictures or items on them, like the lovely white westie and her fab gingerbread men.

Say hello to Jackie...
And last but not least Moi !

I had lots of different things for sale on my stall my hens, snails, elephants in blue and in pink, doorstops, egg cosies, lavender bags etc Alot of people came and went and overall i had a brilliant time, all of us made a little profit after taking the cost of the table off (which wasnt too much at £5.00) so we were all happy little bunnies. I managed to sell 1 doorstop, 1 blue elephant, lavender bags, 2 snails and 2 crocheted cats. I had also made these for the occassion even though this time i didnt sell any i will try again at another fayre in december which will be in the church. If they still dont go then i might just have to put them onto my own tree which to be honest i really wouldnt mind, i love homemade decorations on the tree.

I also had a lot of fun making these heart keyrings too.

So as you can see i have been a busy little bee in my spare time.
I had one more little surprise this afternoon i popped round to my little sisters as it was here birthday and low and behold between her and her partner they brought 5 of my hens ( which was all of them ) 1 doorstop and one of my fabric baskets, how surprised was i, she even suggested making up a little booklet with my items so she could show them off to all her friends to see if she could get more sales. What a great idea why didnt i come up with that one, i mean word by mouth is how it goes! isnt it...
I think i may be busy, what do you think oh nearly forgot to tell you a local lady who had her stall next to me said she might be interested in having some of my items on a sale and return basis hopefully in a studio she is hoping to set up in her house in the new year, you know im so taken back in the kind words people have to say especially when you have put in so much work into each piece of work. Im so looking forward now to the next fayre which will be in the church as it will be full of xmas trees, Yes the festival of light will be on at the same time, Oh i do love this time of year..
Thankyou for coming by and reading this xmasy post as usual i shall now take some time out to read some of your lovely posts x  x x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hello, i thought i had better update you all as i have been away for a few weeks. Busy busy busy. If its not one thing its another.
Thankyou to all of you who put your kinds thoughts regarding hubby. Im glad to say that he is now hopefully fully recovered and all spot/ rashes have now gone. He has got to go back to hospital just to get his eye checked shortly but im sure that it will be fine. I still dont believe in what the docters said at the last hospital appointment and as he no longer has any spots/rashes i believe my judgement even more.
What else have i been up to, well i went to see the film 'Wreckers' with Claire Foy and Benedict Cumberbatch. I must say firstly that you may not of heard of this film as it hasnt been released yet. Wreckers was filmed  the village where i live and one part was even filmed in my mother in laws house even with their cat Mozart who isnt with us anymore. There was very mixed feelings about this film with the local audience. Yes the film was dark in colour and in the script and yes you would have to watch it from the beginning to the end or you would lose your place, but you know i do like Clare Foy and i dont mind watching film that is a bit on the different side. Now this film will be out in a select few cinemas and also in December you should be able to see it through your internet on the computer. If you still want to see it, it will be on dvd i think in Febuary.

 If you want to see a snipet then you can here...... 

What do you think- interesting?
Heres Claire Foy talking about the film..

Well enough as im rambling.

This week while out for a walk with the kids we came across this little fellow.

He was sitting in the door way of the church. He was the size of my hand, abit strange that he was out in the day time as they are nocturnal, but i could see him get knocked down by a car so i gently picked him up in some leaves and moved him into a leafy part of the churchyard.
A day later i read an article about hedgehoges and if you find any this time of year, If they are too small, what you feed them etc. Well it also said if you see them in the daytime then you should be concerned. How awful did i feel knowing that prehaps there was something wrong and i just tucked him away..thinking that i was doing the right thing in not interfering. Fingers crossed he will be ok.
I have also been making some more bits and bobs ready for this weekends Xmas Fayre, i shall post some pics when i have some better light, dont know about you but the last few days have been very grey and dull.
Any way i shall go and catch up with some of you and then do abit more crochet x x
Hope you all have a good night x
BYE xx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

one year on

well its been  one year now since hubby had his accident. ONE YEAR.... neither of us thought that it would take soooooooo looonnnggg to get back on his feet. But hey it has. He is slowly still getting better until now, and no its not his leg this time its this.....

All weekend he has said that his face was itching and was sore and his eyelid had swollen up, so on Monday we decided to call the docters and we had an appointment straight away. When we got there we saw the nurse and i think they knew straight away what it was, so they then called the docter through. He was really quite concerned about how close it was to his eye, apparantly if the infection gets into his eye then it can cause blindness,  so they phoned up the hospital to get him in to see the eye clinic. Away we came with some antiviral tablets, the nurse said they would be small tablets, oh she must of been having us on as they are enormous.
So yesterday off we went to the hospital, on the exact day, 1 year on from when he had his accident.. Do i need to say anymore ( last place he really wanted to be).
We went in to see the eye docter, and brilliantly his eye his all ok, but then they turned round and said oh that doesnt look like shingles thats achne.... I mean his never had achne nor even had too many problems with spots, this docter even got someone else to tell us the same. Im sorry but i think they are talking out of their arse, i mean does achne give you a swollen eye?  makes you feel tired etc not as far as i know.. No confidence in these two docters at all i think one was just saying it to agree with the other, its not even if they had a good look at his face!!
As you can gather we both came away more fustrated and confused then anything.
This morning though hubby woke up and his face was even more red and swollen even under his eye this time, so really do the docters still thinks its achne.. If his eye still gets worst then i will go back to our local surgery and see the local doc again and see what he thinks. until then hubby is taking these antiviral tablets for shingles AND antibotics for the achne, Why take both? As you may of gathered im slighty annoyed...

Anyway enough of that, after sorting out hubby and once the kids have gone to bed i have still managed to find time to do these...

this is my little hen

and this is my little snail, which is ideal as a pin cushion..
i made 3 snails and 5 hens, all boxed and ready to sell.
I have two stalls so far that im doing in nov/dec with a possibility of a third. All local ones at schools etc so not big events.
Anyway im trying to finish this off in between watching kirstie  allsop doing her embroidery so i think im going to stop blogging and do more watching, well until next time, so bye for now x x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

stitching up

This week it has been half term and i must say its been lovely not worrying about what time i have to get up, not that its much of a lay in but even that extra half an hour makes a huge difference. The kids have been jumping into bed with me and we have been giggling and having lots of hugs and watching alittle tele..You know we do have to treasure these moments as like a few people have told me when they get older they wont want to know, let alone getting them out of bed at a decent time. Monday morning we had these for breakfast.

Yummy Yummy PANCAKES!!!
Later on we also made some cupcakes but as you can see there is no photo because they didnt stay around longer enough for me to get one......

We havent done too much, just trying to relax and enjoy each others company. Beth has been round a mates a coupe of times and even earned a ittle bit of money by washing peoples cars and walking their dogs. Talking about earning some money, i have decided that its about time that my older two should pull their weight aliitle when it comes to doing the housework, so for every little chore that they do like washing up etc i will put some money into a pot for them, so the more chores the more money. Anyway its early days so will see how they get on and see if they will get bored with it or not.

Also this week i have decided to do a few cross stitch things. I have been drooling over  one of Helen Phillips books which i had borrowed from a dear friend. Well after about a month of  i thought i had better give it back so as there was so so many lovely things in there, i thought i had better order my own copy. So today it arrived, so Zoe if your reading this then your books will be back with you next time i see you.. thankyou. Well like i said the whole book is fab and i decided to make these...

Want to see..

I made this  into a lavender cushion to sit into  a drawer it measures 7cms by 11cms.

This is the back of it.

Beach hut hanging lavender bag. This measures about 5cms by 8cms.

Do you like?     I think i will make some more..

What have all of you been up to,
Anything exciting?
I think i will pop by and have a quick look x x
Thanks for popping by everyone and i hope you are all having a relaxing week too....x x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The chill is here

This week the weather has certainly changed. Definatley more colder and windy. Not like the nice summer days that we have all been getting. I guess we have done pretty well until now. I mean have you heard of lovely warm weather in the middle of october before...
Monday i managed to get out in the garden for a bit, just to try and tidy it up abit before the weather turned. Out came all the old seed heads, i think they have done what they needed to do.. Oh one thing that did surprise me is that at the beginning of the year like many we lost a Cordiline. Well like i said to my surprise it has actually started to grow back, we now have a miniture in its place. I mean it was rotted, totally died but hey i guess you can never tell, im so glad now that i hadnt pulled it totally out.
Let me think what else have i been up to?
Ohh hubby has got a new wheelchair coming in the next couple of weeks.. Its going to be so much better than the one that he has at the moment. This wheelchair we have borrowed from the red cross and bless them, it definatley seen better days. The new one has solid tyres, so no puntures or the wheels deflating, its going to be so lightweight, apparently its the same metal they use on aeroplanes.. the wheels and arm rests will come off so you can really take it apart to fit into the car. I know its abit sad but we are both really looking forward in getting it here.
Yes at the weekend there was a Jumble at the village hall which was done by the bowls club. So me and a  few friends met up and joined arms to attack the crowds. You need body armour to get through to see anything. Is every jumble like this or is it just here. Anyway the bowls club and W.I always have great jumbles and no they didnt let us down, i got some bargain clothes. Named brands were mixed in Boden, white stuff, Red Herring etc all for the amount of 20p each BARGAIN!!! Also i had a go on the tombola where i won a couple of things Jaffa Cakes and a bar of soap with a flannel, the jaffa cakes didnt make it to the end of the day. Oh and i also picked up a couple of round crocheted cushions. The crochet part has started to unravel so i thought that i might make another couple of covers and i also managed to get some fabric remanants too.
So as you can see busy busy busy
Ohh i have been making couple more bits

Little Ladybug,  i even done a leaf on the back!

sorry i know they are not the best photos ive taken, but i get terrible trouble trying to get some decent sun into the house.
I made this little ladybug brooch for a friends little girl who had her 4th birthday, she just loves ladybugs.
Also today i made not just one but 5 of these...

Blue chequered elephants
I thought that i might send one off to America, as hubbys cousin is expecting his first child this month, no extras to pull off so ideal for babies.. im really quite pleased with them its a  shame i only had enough material to make the five.
I guess i have gone on longer enough so before i bore you, i shall go.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog, now its time to read yours x x

Monday, 10 October 2011


Well after the shock of me beloved flo being scalped im back.. you will be pleased to know that flo has made a really good recovery, there is only a little mark and a bold patch now where she had be caught. I must say a BIG THANKYOU to Scented Sweetpeas as it was the support from her and her family that i stopped panicing about what to do...
So what have i been up to this last couple of weeks, well we had some builders round to put in a new backdoor step in for hubby, now he can get in and out of the house without struggling to get inside.. whooo!  Im telling ya it makes a whole lot of difference.
On Friday i had a lovely lot of parcels delivered to me  from my lovely post lady. As she turned up as i was about to leave the house, i took them along with me to the toddler group that i was going to and well between me and my other ladies well we ohhhh and wowed at each other. I had some lovely clarke and clarke fabric, scottie dog fabric and some fab felt from Annie at The Felt Fairy...
Just think we were all saying, what can i make with all of this, well i made this...

This cute little owl keyring
and this lovely little vw camper keyring..

Oh i do love campers, one day in my dreams i shall have one.. Even a friend brought a mag in at toddlers which was full of campers, being done up or already restored. They look so lovely... stop dreaming now...i shall just have to stick with my felt one. Im really pleased how it has turned out so i definatley going to make some more. I havent touch the fabric yet, i will have to have a good think to decide what i can do.
I did have another piece which i did use for this...

I've recycled an old top, which i had picked up at a jumble sale at the beginning of the year for the inner of the box, i suppose 1st attempt its not too bad, prehaps could of been a bit neater when sewing at the top, but hey this one is only for little ol me.
I have also been trying to make another crochet blanket, so frustating as i had gone so far only to have realised that right near the beginning i had made a mistake, so i had to unravel almost all of it to correct it, 2 nights worth all had to be undone, never the less i managed to get it all back together in the next following 2 nights.
Tonight i have been out to a meeting for the local nature reserve and on my return i must say i have been abit piggy. A ben and jerrys size tub of coop ice cream had found its way inside my tummy, i mean i dont know how it managed to do that...he he Hubby did help alittle but hey still im a little piggy.
One more thing before i go why not pop over to fin and gabs for a  spooky giveaway.
I hope you have all had a good night x and please do pop back soon..x x

Friday, 30 September 2011


Sorry i havent blogged the last few days but i have had a few distractions this end. Yes you have read the heading right....SCALPED!!
Mid week our little Flo managed, i dont know how, but managed to get herself stuck between the door that separates her, mum, and bluebell from 2 of the other girls penelope and gertie. While she was stuck these other 2 girls decided to have a very big go at her a scalped her. My poor daughter Beth shouted at me from the garden to say 'quick mum you have to come NOW its Flo'. When she has done this in the past there hasnt really been too much to see but she was right this time, poor Flo was so distraught and the same goes for Beth. So i quickly removed Flo into her hen house so she could try to calm down and my what a job the girls did. Poor Flo. I quickly popped back down to the house and got some things to clean her up, i gave her a quick look and tryed to clean the area.

As you can imagine it wasnt a pretty site and i too really didnt know what to do, so i phoned a friend. Down she popped with her husband to have a look and to give me some advice. They also gave her a quick clean with some warm salty water and to my suprise they told me that infact chickens are really quite tough, theres me thinking oh my god big wound, it will go into shock and will have to be put down. No as long as i keep it clean and she keeps moving and eating and drinking then she should heal ok she might be abit bald in the end but hey at least we will still have her. Mind you he did add that she might be a he.. but then again he has got this wrong before with one of his own chickens, so i reckon we will just wait and see..But one thing i do know is that i really did appreciate their advice, so THANKYOU zoe and co.

I just hope now that Flo recovers quicky because i have to be honest i really dont like all the blood and gawh that comes with it. One quick insite on how to keep chickens, or not.

Friday, 23 September 2011

ta da !!

Well these last couple of days i have been making a little something. I spotted the design on a lovely blog called the Pink Penguin go and check it out .
She had a lovely tutorial on how to do a fabric storage box.
But here is my attempt which i must say iam rather pleased, see what you think....

I mean its not that big about 20cms by 15cms, saying that i havent actually got a tape measure and measured it but it gives you a guideline. But im looking forward in putting some of my sewing equipment in it eg threads, bobbins etc
Even my daughter is now half way in making one for herself so she can put her cross stitch bits in it. I tell you one thing though this sewing stuff is really quite addictive, i mean i keep thinking now what else i can try. I suppose i want to challenge myself a little more.
Any suggestion will be most welcome.

Well what else have i been up to, well hubby has had the occupational therapist round to help with access for in and out of the house, which now we will be having one large slab placed outside the back door, so one jump up from the ground rather than the current 3... and at least he will have his walking frame level because at the moment it has to be at an angle just for him to be able to get in and out which really isnt too practical and safe. Also we are waiting to see if they might be to help with him to be able to have a bath or shower on his own, which at the moment isnt possible again due to his own safety. We shall have to wait and see on that one though.
What else do i know well me and my girls at the local toddler group had a little laugh today. All started off in the fact that today i had to go to the docters to have my 3 yr service if you know what i mean.. It was just the stories that they were coming out with like having the blinds open on the windows which i guess is ok ish as you look over open fields but what happens if the farmer suddenly goes pass in his tractor i mean what would you do where would you look... or  why is it when you go for these very embrassing appointments that the room that you have to go in is right next door to the waiting area, so when you come out, you feel very embrassed and you just think everybody knows what you have just been in the room for.. why not have a corridor between the room and the waiting area i dont know why...
Today though i guess i had to just put up with other professionals walking into the room while it was being done, yes there was a screen but thats not the point, there saying ' now just relax and think of something nice'  i mean how can you do that when some else walks in..... neither mind, i know its something we all have to do but it doesnt get any easier.....
Right thats enough medical stuff... this saturday im going out shopping with my mum. I only get to see her every now and then so its nice when will do meet up as we have a good chat and a bite to eat. She has only just come back off from her hols where the temps were 25c during the night and 35c during the day. So hot for her bless her.
Anyway its getting rather late so im going to switch off till next time  bye bye x x

Monday, 19 September 2011

So what is it when you think,  i shall write a post then when it comes to it you cant think of a word to put down. I mean i think of things through out the day, how things are and what they mean to me etc but when it comes to a night time when the kids have gone to bed its blank....
 Well one thing i have done is took some  more pics of Flo. Want to have a look.......

here she is growing quickly now, 4 weeks old and getting more feathers by the day.
This week i thought that i would try and get all the girls together, well didnt quite go to plan. Penelope top chook, well she went straight for both of them, so i quickly removed her out the way and then that left gertie and bluebell. These two girls didnt seem too bad with flo and mable. A couple of flusters of the feathers but as a whole not too bad. Also i decided to let all the girls into the larger pen, which i must say flo seemed quite at home, climbing  onto the turned up tree stumps. It was really nice to see them all out again, mixing. By the time it was starting to get dark, even though they were getting on ok i thought i would remove gertie, just because she was still a little pecky. So in all i managed to rehouse bluebell with mable and flo in one henhouse and penelpoe and gertie stayed back in their own hen house, i think it will be more the slowly approach with them, especially penelope...

mable and flo, climbing the stumps.

Night time for mable, flo and bluebell.... these 3 seemed so relaxed with each other not once have they squabbled so thumbs up i think.

This morning, well me and bear decided to make dad some yummy chocolate chip cakes...
As you can imagine bear was covered with chocolate cake mixture as like most kids he enjoyed licking the bowl and the spoon and the whisk attachments...
In the end we ended up with these.

Very scrummy if i do say so.

Anyway as my brain cant think of anything else to say then i shall have to go, but i hope you have enjoyed reading my update.... bye and good night x x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


well i've just a fun night. The local nature reserve in the village has just done a Bat Night for the cubs and guides in the village. As Beth is in the guides me and  Cameron joined her. I must say though having 40 odd children there all very excited was rather noisy but like magic as soon as the gentlemen from the wildlife trust said right now its time for us to listen to the bats , it all just went silent. If only i had the magic when my lot are at home....
In groups of 5's we all set of with our little bat detectors. It was marvelous just suddenly seeing these bats flying above your heads and the detectors suddenly bleeping to say ' im here, can you see me'.  Cameron and a friend got rather spooked when a munk jac deer creep out on them...

Iain webb from the wildlife trust who done a wonderful job keeping everyone entertained by the bats.
By 8.30pm all was done with lots of happy kids returning back home. I must say im glad that the weather stayed dry even though it was a little chilly as  just a few hours before it poured down.
Anyway its was just a quick post tonite, so i hope everyone else has had a good nite and i will see you all again soon x x night night x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

who's a pretty boy then !!!

Well like i mentioned in my last post my little boy was about to turn into a big boy as he was going to start secondary school today. You know me and hubby have been rather worried i guess about him starting, not because i dont think he would like his school but because he just isnt like his sister at all Beth is more out going, in control i guess but Cameron well abit more quiet, more gentle, keeps his feelings hidden if you know what i mean. Sometimes he can become upset if something goes wrong, sowe were  just a wee bit concerned that if something got to him he might get upset. But alais all was good, very good he seemed really quite jolly going out to get the bus

Cameron all dressed up and ready to go...

Bear waiting patiently for the school bus to come by..

there he goes....

 and when he got home well we couldnt shut him up....

So all in all he had a good day, so now when tommorrow comes i shall be alot more relaxed.

Monday, 5 September 2011

big day for my little boy

As you know schools back this week and my not so little boy is starting secondary school tommorrow. I really dont know where the time has gone. Beth will be in yr8, Cameron starting yr7 and Bear will be going back to preschool to do all afternoons apart from the mondays. So all change, things wont be as they were, before i know it they will all be left school and starting their own little families, STOP just hang on, deep breath i still have a few years yet even though Beth is going on 18.

Talking about getting older. Flo is now 2 weeks old and growing well, you want to see....

You cant quiet see it from this photo, but flo has some little white flight feathers coming through...

Breakfast anyone?

 What else have i been up to well, i went to carboot sell on the bank hol monday and picked up a few things, 1 being a pin board and i had great plans for my 40p buy, i made this....

Ive seen so many of these around and what a great idea but i really didnt want to pay for one when i think i can do one myself, so here it is and the first thing to go on is a postcard from a very dear friend who we only see about once a year because he lives in china. This postcard though has come from Australia when he visited there a few weeks back... for me i can only just dream of going, maybe one day it may become a reality...
Not bad for a first attempt prehaps the ribbon could be alittle straighter but hey i have space for little things and big nice to have something different up.

Another thing which has happened lately is that finally we have a fence put all the way down the garden, we just have to finish the end bit but that can wait a little longer..
23 fence panels it took, yes really wasnt cheap but i will let you all into a little secret. Really i done well because where fence panels would cost about £20.00 a panel mine only cost £10.00 a panel from a lovely little place down the road that deals in seconds ( hand me down wood supplies that big companies no longer need etc)
So all in all i have got my fence for half the cost..

hopefully after saving a few more pennies we would like to get some 6ft x 1ft trellis to go onto the top hence why we havent had the posts cut down.
I have to apologise a little though for the messy state of me beds believe it or not there is some potatoes still in the middle plot and a few parsnips and carrots in the other ones. If hubby was up and about the beds would look so much better as there would be more time to keep them..i just have to look forward in having to cut back all of the long grass so it can all re seed itself, but i must say its going to be a BIG job... anyway what have all of you been up to i shall go now and find out... see you all soon x x