Friday, 11 February 2011

Well what a week.
 Monday we had a hospital appointment. After taking hubbys cast off last wednesday, the docs decided that because he was still in alot of pain and so that he can start to have a little pressure on his leg when he goes to physio, they decided to give him a boot to wear when he has to move around. This boot he has, has to be inflated when he puts its on then deflated before he takes its off.  Another thing that the docs said was that because he was still feeling pain in places where they think he shouldnt be and his leg was turning purple and red and the skin was shiny, they told us that they suspect that he has something called Chronic Pain Syndrome, so as going to and fro to hospital for his break he now will be referred to the pain clinic too. Oh well prehaps we should set up home at the hospital!!


just before you all get confused. this is not his knee, this is his leg from the top break, which as far as we know will stay like this so the hopefully new bone will go around.

  Tuesday Bear spent the morning with his nain and was totally spoilt by all the ladies.
 Wednesday , physio day. The docs on monday have told the team here that they can start loading the weight to up to 30kg, so their exercise was just to get some  bathroom scales and for him to put his foot on these so hubby can slowing start to push his foot down but importantly so he can see how much weight he can do. So this will keep us going till the next appointment in 2 weeks time. Another thing was to pop into the docters surgery on the way home as hubby had abit on his scar where it was abit weapy after the scabs had come off. So there they dressed his leg and sorted out some more medication that he needed.
 Thursday well its the weekly chore of the food shop. When this was done the rest of the day was a rest day well until the rest of the kids come home from school. Beth had her guitar lesson this afternoon. Apparently the teacher says she is very talented and very natural at playing so how proud do i feel as a parent. One of the songs that she was playing normally takes his pupils 3 weeks to get but she got it in 1. So to beth well done you. x
 Friday, today the district nurse was coming to see hubby to change his dressing on his leg, and me and Bear was going down to Little Lambs to join Scented sweetpeas and a few more mums. We took our crochet hooks and our yarn to see if we could pick up any more hints up. Well we did, scented sweetpeas tried her hand at a crochet flower and i tried once again at a granny square all thanks to Kathreen. She was so patient with us as we were not the quickest of learners. But i think i got somewhere whether it stays in or not i dont know, i think it will take a few more tries yet.

the start of my first granny square..

this is another atempt that i done on thursday night, i think they are all double stitches?
still getting use to it, if im wrong a apologise..
 I also had a lovely surprise from sweetpea as she had made a few of us a little something..

can you guess, of course not so i will show you.
sorry i couldnt wait, ive had a nible already, but she made us all some chocy biscuits and they are very scrumy.
Bear had another fun filled morning playing with all his little mates. He seems to be a bit of a hit with the little ladies as at the end there he was running after at least 6 of them ...
He seems to be back to his normal self over the last couple of days which is great. Mind you it would of been about 2 weeks since he was ill. On the way out Bear was playing with his little mates Theo and Esme when they picked up some fir cones 

so here they are a little bit of nature brought inside.

I do hope you all have had a good week  and i also hope you all have a good weekend too x

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Low and behold i go away for abit and look whats happened, an intruder by the name of hubby has come into my blog and left his mark. Men always have to piss and mark their territory dont they. Anyway i cant complain too much as his message was rather sweet. So thankyou my dearest.


I have just hijacked my wifes page to let people know that i appreciate all your support and your kind comments, i love my wife very much and im sure she will be surprised when she reads this, again thankyou to all you bloggers out there, we will get there, it will just take abit of time.
The Husband x