Friday, 12 November 2010

Poor Old Man!

Its been a long couple of weeks. Hubby is now at home after being told if he came home he would have to have total bed rest. So out came the sofa bed as he can't get up the stairs, and even though we have a downstairs toilet he can't even make it there!
He has to just lay in bed resting his elavated leg.

hubby in full leg cast..

I am totally  at  his beck and call all he needs now is a bell of some sort and he would be sorted!
I find it amazing, how on earth do us humans keep going when everything else around us keeps falling apart.
Ive got to keep positive next year will be a better year, the leg will hopefully eventually mend ok and we will be in happy days again.
One thing though that does have to change is smoking. The docters have told my beloved that he has to stop smoking or he could still lose his leg. So he has now got everything patches, gum, inhalators bad moods, grumpiness  and of course a great BIG pain in the arse. No he really isnt that bad...
Like they say when you get married for better and for worst etc


  1. oh my goodness, I am just catching up. That is so scarey about the possibility of loosing the leg just from breaking it. Good grief, what a nightmare. I wish you all lots of healing & rest. And big deep breaths. Hugs. Jacs x

  2. One good thing to come out of all thi then, the smoking bit. How long is the total bed rest for? I hope you get some help. Must be really tough for you too.

    Take care.


  3. awww i really feel for you all, its not easy. But i agree with Colette's comment about the smoking issue. Make sure you have a little me time even if its just 10 mins sat in the garden. Good luck and take care...Dee x

  4. It must be a big worry for you all. I hope the leg mends quickly. I stopped smoking in March so I know how hard it is to do and can totally sympathise with your hubby. He will have to want to do it though otherwise it will be very easy for him to start again, I still get cravings now. Tell him to put the money he's saved from buying ciggies in a jar and use it when it's mounted up to take you away for a weekend when his leg's all healed.

  5. Hiya, that is exactly like Adrians leg was and he was a big pain in the arse :-) I even had to remind him I wasn't a nurse (he is reading this as I type :-)). Aha, giving up smoking, this may be the silver lining in your cloud. Sending you virtual hugs. xxx

  6. Poor you and poor hubby! How awful for you both (and how scary!) Indeed, as sweetpeas says, it may be the silver lining although I doubt hubby will think so for some long while yet. Keep your chin up and thank you for entering my give-away!

  7. Gosh- what a huge shock for you all. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

    Thankyou so much for your lovely comments on my blog- very pleased to 'meet' you xx

  8. Good mornig
    I've just saw the picture of his long leg cast
    May I ask you if you can send me more ppictures of his leg in cast?
    my e.mail: