Sunday, 17 April 2011

another little ol award

wow another award, i think it now makes 3 in total, you all must be enjoying reading my little ol blog, so thankyou guys.

This lovely creative award was given to me by Sal at cotton end girl , this lovely lady has only just started here in bloggy land, but she is a lady of my own heart, she loves looking round for bargains at carboots and charity shops etc and she also makes the odd thing, so go by and say hello.
As like before iam suppose to nominate 10 people and also write 10 things about me that you propably dont know, so where do i start.


1. well im 1 of a few people that doesnt like tea or coffee.
2. one day (in my earlier years) i went to Alton Towers decided that i would go on some of the roller coasters, not realising until a couple of days later, that i was expecting my first child. Not to worry she turned out absolutely fine and beautiful.
3. About a couple of weeks after passing my driving test, this silly person accidently i add, accidently knocked into the petrol pumps at my local garage. No, no explosions and the owner was ok about it, just a little weary every time i pulled in.
4. i once won a dancing competion when on a  primary school trip dancing to diana ross's chain reaction and won a mars bar.
5. i would love to own a fully working vw camper to go (of course) camping in.
6. my mum and dad use to run a fruit and veg shop, where iuse to go and help.
7. when a child, i use to suffer from terrible car sickness, any long journey had to be done in the front of the vehicle.
8. i like nothing better then to sit outside by myself in the middle of no where and just listen to all the nature around me.
9. After looking back in to my family history my great, great, great, great grandads name was the unusal name of Enoch.
10. My grandad on my mums side use to be in a nod like the mods and rockers but based in cambridge, even had his very own snazzy moped.

I hope you found these interesting to read, now 10 people to give the creative award to well let me think...
there are so many of you out there that make such wonderful things but for now these 10 goes to.....
1. lilipopo
2. pea pod
3. paper and string
4. helen phillips
5. sixty one a
6. the flower bed
7. moo and mouse
8. feeling stitchy
9. supercutetilly
10. sew obsessed

Go and pop by these blogs, all of them make lovely things.

my does'nt time fly

It seems like ages since i last wrote on here, but here iam, im back.

Ive been kind of busy i guess with school holidays, appointments, work etc, oh and also crocheting.
I have been so busy trying to finish my 1st crochet blanket and im pleased to tell you all that i have now finished it so,  ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im really pleased with it, on the reverse the squares are all joined together with white crochet lines.
Now i have my own special little blanket that i now have to snuggle up to on a night time, even while typing this i have it on my lap keeping my legs nice and warm. I didnt really have a plan for this, i just made it up as i went along.

Also this week i have celebrated my birthday, oh yes another year older. I didnt do anything special, hubby felt bad as of course he hasnt been able to get out and get me anything, but i told him that this doesnt matter i will just wait and buy myself something when i see something that i really like or want.
I went out shopping with my mum last saturday and had a girly morning, and while we were there she popped off to a  florist, she was telling me that they were for a very good friend that has been supporting her lately, but when arriving back to our cars i was totally surprised when she suddenly handed these flowers to me, i truly felt special.

One thing that i have done this week, is to set up my own ebay account, and as of the other day my daughter is the new owner of a nearly new, full size guitar. I will tell you one thing though, betting on ebay certainly does give your heart a flutter. I felt so nervous, you could feel your heart racing, just of the thought of trying to get the winning bet.
Well it was kind of fun though, but now i keep thinking what else i could pick up that would be cheaper than in the shops.
Also i have been charity shop hunting again and i have picked u these,

A lovely solid wood rolling pin, which i have always wanted and a embroidery ring..

This piece of tartan material..

And this piece if clothing, which i liked the colour of, so this may be put into a crafting moment..

Changing the subject, hubby had an appointment with the pain clinic (finally, its taken 9 weeks) and they have offered him some pain blocking injections which will go in his back and in his foot, which is great news but we still have to wait till the 9th of june, so in a way we cant wait as then hopefully he will be able to do his physio abit better. This coming wednesday though we have another appointment with the orthopedric consultant to see how his leg is mending, which could be another story.

Any way, i think that it for now, so thankyou for popping by and have a good week.