Monday, 30 January 2012

slice of chocolate cake!!

A slice of chocolate cake always makes a girl feel better!!!

Chocolate cake freshly made for dessert... yummy.

Thankyou for all your kind comments in my last post. I know its been a little while since i last blogged but I have been silently been looking at all of yours.
I really dont know what has been happening lately, prehaps its the low after Xmas.

But Alas im back feeling much better. Im so pleased, dont really like feeling like that, im normally quite a smilely, happy person.
It's in these times that i realise how much it affects my hubby, being depressed like that 24/7 really isnt any fun.

Anyway what has been happening, well theres been alot of sickness, little Bear then middle bear, then older bear then back to little Bear. It seems so horrible and comes round so quickly, yuk. Not nice im telling you. It also seem to just happen on the night time too just as im off to bed. Well thats all cleared up now.... but i heard that one of Bears friends, sister was sick so still lots doing the rounds.
It was girls united on Saturday, i had Zoe from Scented sweetpeas pop round to show me her latest tries of something im sure she will tell you about.. and well when it was time for her to leave, she realised the car would'nt start... opps she had left her lights on.
So she tried to text hubby but she had ran out of credit opps again. Lucky that Superwoman (me)  came to the rescue. After a little bit of hunting around in the back of the boot, i found the jump leads Yay. Now where do we start we thought, last thing we wanted to do was to electicute ourselves. As all superheroes end, we finally after a few attempts managed to get her car started, woopee at last she could go on her way. After that and after seeing a certain fish n chip van go past we decided to have fish n chips for tea x
Ohh what else well i made this little teddy..

and also this little campervan fridge magnet

Im very chuffed with both of them.
I dont know who is on it or not but i now have a facebook page set up called Bearsfootprints, why not pop by if you are and say hello...
Well i suppose i have been chatting long enough, just one question before i go. I had a dream last night that i had made some crochet letters.. i mean i would know where to start but if any of you know how to do them and can help me out so i can try then please do let me know.. thankyou lovely people for all your support once again and i look forward now in looking at what all of you have been up to x x