Friday, 14 August 2015

long time no see

Hi its me, yes i know its been a rather long time since my last post and if im honest i really didnt notice actually how long it was. The last time i posted Bear was about to start school and things were tough at home.
  I guess since then i havent really done anything exciting, home life can still be tough, being a carer you never really stop. The kids are maturing with my eldest just waiting for her exams results which she should get next thursday, eek, middle one well he is now in his last year at grammar school and little bear well he is going to go back to school in yr3!! i mean how did that all happen.
  Life just seems run away at times we are already half way through the summer holidays.
Its been a week since we came back from our annual hols to Wales, such a beautiful place to be, living in the fens its so nice to see the hills and waking up to hear the sheep going Baaa!! no traffic just piece and quiet. The rest of the summer holidays is filled with work, day trips out and the odd lie in.

So if you are surprised or pleased  to see me back after all this time, then why not leave me a little comment i would love to hear from you, to be honest not sure why i got so far behind as there is some wonderful pages here and everyone is so lovely and chatty. 


  1. Good to hear from you. Life really does take on its own momentum sometimes and before you know it years have passed! I'm really feeling the passage of time as my eldest is due to go to uni in September...!

  2. Doesn't it just, what is your eldest going off to uni to learn?

  3. hi lovely to see you back, time is passing far to quickly for me too! I hope your eldest was pleased with her results. my youngest is going into year 3 too but it only feels like yesterday that he was a baby, my older two are starting to spread their wings with talk of universities and the passing of driving tests. Slow down time - please x