Sunday, 19 December 2010

chocs away

Well today has been a fairly busy day, up for work at 6am to be in for 7am, which i have to admit was abit of a struggle today as you all may be feeling, as it has been bitterly cold and very dark at this time of day! but off to work i went  but lots to do, i work in a local retail company and as you can imagine everyone is out trying to do their xmas shopping whether it be food, clothing or toys. I had to do gap checks, serving customers,  replenish the stock, accept deliveries you get the idea, so as you can imagine i was pleased to finish and get home again to my family.
This afternoon though while Bear was kipping i thought it would be a good time to finish off my rum truffles. Its quiet relaxing spending a bit of time doing these not that there is much to them but at the same time you cant really rush them either. But after a little time here are my truffles.....

Rum Truffles yum...
 I still have to wrap them up nicely before giving them as presents but for now they will stay in the fridge, thats if i dont have to make another batch because i have worked my way through them! I know that prehaps you look at my truffles and think well there not very round, but to be honest i think thats what make homemade unique because there not like the shop brought stuff.

these are the shop brought ones

|Even though i have these chocs at home which someone gave me, they're just not the same as my homemade ones, fair enough these ones dont have any rum in them, but these ones just look so uniform all square like little pictures of art.
What do you think?
Anyway better get off the computer now as i now have to tidy all of Bears toys away back into the cupboard x