Monday, 10 October 2011


Well after the shock of me beloved flo being scalped im back.. you will be pleased to know that flo has made a really good recovery, there is only a little mark and a bold patch now where she had be caught. I must say a BIG THANKYOU to Scented Sweetpeas as it was the support from her and her family that i stopped panicing about what to do...
So what have i been up to this last couple of weeks, well we had some builders round to put in a new backdoor step in for hubby, now he can get in and out of the house without struggling to get inside.. whooo!  Im telling ya it makes a whole lot of difference.
On Friday i had a lovely lot of parcels delivered to me  from my lovely post lady. As she turned up as i was about to leave the house, i took them along with me to the toddler group that i was going to and well between me and my other ladies well we ohhhh and wowed at each other. I had some lovely clarke and clarke fabric, scottie dog fabric and some fab felt from Annie at The Felt Fairy...
Just think we were all saying, what can i make with all of this, well i made this...

This cute little owl keyring
and this lovely little vw camper keyring..

Oh i do love campers, one day in my dreams i shall have one.. Even a friend brought a mag in at toddlers which was full of campers, being done up or already restored. They look so lovely... stop dreaming now...i shall just have to stick with my felt one. Im really pleased how it has turned out so i definatley going to make some more. I havent touch the fabric yet, i will have to have a good think to decide what i can do.
I did have another piece which i did use for this...

I've recycled an old top, which i had picked up at a jumble sale at the beginning of the year for the inner of the box, i suppose 1st attempt its not too bad, prehaps could of been a bit neater when sewing at the top, but hey this one is only for little ol me.
I have also been trying to make another crochet blanket, so frustating as i had gone so far only to have realised that right near the beginning i had made a mistake, so i had to unravel almost all of it to correct it, 2 nights worth all had to be undone, never the less i managed to get it all back together in the next following 2 nights.
Tonight i have been out to a meeting for the local nature reserve and on my return i must say i have been abit piggy. A ben and jerrys size tub of coop ice cream had found its way inside my tummy, i mean i dont know how it managed to do that...he he Hubby did help alittle but hey still im a little piggy.
One more thing before i go why not pop over to fin and gabs for a  spooky giveaway.
I hope you have all had a good night x and please do pop back soon..x x