Wednesday, 2 November 2011

one year on

well its been  one year now since hubby had his accident. ONE YEAR.... neither of us thought that it would take soooooooo looonnnggg to get back on his feet. But hey it has. He is slowly still getting better until now, and no its not his leg this time its this.....

All weekend he has said that his face was itching and was sore and his eyelid had swollen up, so on Monday we decided to call the docters and we had an appointment straight away. When we got there we saw the nurse and i think they knew straight away what it was, so they then called the docter through. He was really quite concerned about how close it was to his eye, apparantly if the infection gets into his eye then it can cause blindness,  so they phoned up the hospital to get him in to see the eye clinic. Away we came with some antiviral tablets, the nurse said they would be small tablets, oh she must of been having us on as they are enormous.
So yesterday off we went to the hospital, on the exact day, 1 year on from when he had his accident.. Do i need to say anymore ( last place he really wanted to be).
We went in to see the eye docter, and brilliantly his eye his all ok, but then they turned round and said oh that doesnt look like shingles thats achne.... I mean his never had achne nor even had too many problems with spots, this docter even got someone else to tell us the same. Im sorry but i think they are talking out of their arse, i mean does achne give you a swollen eye?  makes you feel tired etc not as far as i know.. No confidence in these two docters at all i think one was just saying it to agree with the other, its not even if they had a good look at his face!!
As you can gather we both came away more fustrated and confused then anything.
This morning though hubby woke up and his face was even more red and swollen even under his eye this time, so really do the docters still thinks its achne.. If his eye still gets worst then i will go back to our local surgery and see the local doc again and see what he thinks. until then hubby is taking these antiviral tablets for shingles AND antibotics for the achne, Why take both? As you may of gathered im slighty annoyed...

Anyway enough of that, after sorting out hubby and once the kids have gone to bed i have still managed to find time to do these...

this is my little hen

and this is my little snail, which is ideal as a pin cushion..
i made 3 snails and 5 hens, all boxed and ready to sell.
I have two stalls so far that im doing in nov/dec with a possibility of a third. All local ones at schools etc so not big events.
Anyway im trying to finish this off in between watching kirstie  allsop doing her embroidery so i think im going to stop blogging and do more watching, well until next time, so bye for now x x


  1. Oh my word! That looks sore. You haven't had much luck have you? I would get that looked at again too. I hope hubby is back to normal soon and give him my love, he must be feeling a bit down xx

    Your crafty creations are looking ace, a little something to take your mind off things eh! Take care xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear your news My god if it doesnt rain it pours. I have to say that doesn't look like acne to me he is covered in it. I would def go back to my GP although to be fair after my joint flare early on this year and them fobing me off i dont have much respect for them. But knocking on there door and they will have to do something else. Fingers crossed it clears up. Kirsty was fab i loved her cushion and i am wanting to get a darning foot now and have a go at machine embroidery ;-) Your makes are lovely love the chickens. Good luck and take lots of care both of you. dee xx

  3. I am sorry your poor husband is having such a rough ride. It is awful to feel you aren't being given good advice. Sometimes you really have to make a nuisance of yourself to get the help you need, which is awful and exhausting. I don't think itching sounds like acne. I hope he is soon feeling much better.

    Love your makes- glad you could manage to squeeze in a bit of creative time- it will really do you good x

  4. Oh no! never had shingles myself but I can imagine it's not very nice! hope your hubby is feeling better soon, love your little hen so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. That looks like shingles to me too - when little Esme had chicken pox it started as a rash just like that and they said it wasn't chicken pox and low and behold what did it become - chicken pox! Love your makes and can't wait to see them tomorrow, I will bring cakes to cheer us up I think. xxx

  6. Sorry to hear about your husband - it doesn't look like acne to me and as you say, when does acne make your eye swell up?! Hope it gets sorted soon, love your makes - hope they sell well! :) x

  7. It's so tough when you have to confront doctors & call them on the fact you disagree. I'm very lucky to have brothers who are doctors & surgeons so i can ask them what they think, especially as they know you (non-hysterical) are normal & seeking the best result, not attention or drama. Good luck, i've shingles, it's exhausting, love Posie

  8. I do hope your hubby is much better now, I know that shingles is a horrible illness to suffer. I'm just dropping by to say thank you so much for the very kind comment you left on my blog a little while ago. I'm so delighted you like using my book and find it inspiring. You make some lovely things too. Hope you and your family have a happy weekend.
    Helen x