Friday, 4 February 2011

what a week

Well as you might of guessed by the title, it has been a tiring week.
The kids are no longer sick but Bear still hasnt really got his full appetite back, but im sure that wont take long to return..
The main things that have happened this week is to my hubby.
Monday came a long and it was pysio day. In all they really couldnt do much due to having the cast still in place, so we really wondered why we went, but at least hubby got to be outside for a while, seeing the sunset and having the wind blow round him even if it was abit of a cold day.
Wednesday was the big day, the day that we had both been waiting for. D day i suppose to find out what happens next. 6 weeks since the last appointment and 3 months since the accident happened. Gosh its been a long few months. But 1.30pm came and we went in to have a x-ray then went back to get the results. Well what can i say the results were not what we were really expecting back. The plaster room sort of went  suddenly quiet as the surgeon spoke to us. The bottom brake had pretty much mended as well as they hoped it would so that was great, BUT the top break was a different story. Sadly the top break hasnt mended at all even after 12 weeks, and the surgeon told us it has really gone back to day 1. Oh s**t that is not what we wanted to hear.
 Now we have to think of what to do next he said, what are the options, well
1 is to prehaps do a bone graft, where they would take a slice of bone from his hip and add it to his leg.
2 to inject this special solution that they get from COWS, yes cows apparently it helps mends bones in someway, they put this magical solution on his bottom break and that worked, but they never put it on the top break, why they didnt i dont know.
3 is to prehaps plate the break at the top but the only problem with that is, they still dont know if the bone will mend even if they did this and the plate would then have to support the whole leg, and the fact that the surgeon really doesnt want to do another op if he doesnt need to.
4 and this being the very last restort, and that if nothing else works, than amputation will still need to be looked at.
So as you can imagine things have turned rather serious and now we are both rather scared about what is going to happen in the future. What ever happens its still going to be a very long time before things start to mend. I cant believe its all gone back to day 1 again. How much can we all handle? What began with an accidently fall over a small fence has turned into a nightmare. This year is going to be a very very hard, stressful, and emotional year.
So this next bit is to Zoe at Scented Sweetpeas THANKYOU  for being a good friend, and for inviting me  out today to Little Lambs, where i got a little bit emotional with you. It definatley pays to talk to someone away from family and just  get out of the house for a little while, a different enviroment, and just go and have abit of free time. Bear really enjoyed being out and meeting new friends, and me and some others friends just sat and chatted and pretended that we knew what we were doing with our hooks and wool. You all say that crocheting is so easy, but if you had sat there watching me and Zoe you might of come away thinking differently he he everytime i tried a granny square i kept losing the inner circle so i kept losing my place, nevermind everyone says its practice so we will just have to carry on and not give up.
Anyway i think thats enough for one night so i hope you all have a good weekend and i hope you all dont get blown away x  x x

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

its back

just as i thought things were going Beth has just been sick, no school for her tommorrow. All i can say is please dont get to me or hubby, i really dont want me or him feeling or being sick. The house will fall to bits if im out of action....fingers crossed it stays away x

little wonders

For all of you that read my last blog, thankyou for all your kind words cameron has now recovered and is back at school today, but last night just as i thought we were in the clear poor little Bear woke up at 12am  being sick. Poor little thing, considering its the first sickness with him he didnt freak out, he just sat there all calmly waiting for me to clean him up. 10 minutes later he was all tucked up back in a clean bed and lying back down and going back to sleep. Hopefully at the moment he hasnt been sick again, so prehaps its all a 24hr thing.
Anyway hubbys appointment a the phsyio department went ok, they cant really do much until he is out of his cast and the docs say he can start to put a little presure on etc so just have to wait until tommorrow.
While on the way to the hospital yesterday though i saw this amazing site, shame i didnt have my camera on me as there were hundreds no lie hundreds of swans in a field. Round near us the farmers are pulling up leeks and the swans just seem to love finishing off the ends they leave behind. In all the years that i have lived here i have never seen such a wonderful site.
The sun was setting in the sky which left a lovely red glow. It was a real treat for hubby as he hasnt been out side for 6 weeks. I can feel the spring coming, the mornings are becoming brighter earlier and the nights are staying brighter for longer. Snowdrops are budding and hopefully the weather man said the tempertures are set to return to normal by the end of the week. So bring it on let the spring come, i think we all need abit of  spring in our steps.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

hope you all had a good weekend

i hope everyone has had a good weekend, mine i have to say has been slightly different.
Everything quiet usual, work which never really changes, food shop like wise never really changes and Saturday night well what can i say. My poor middle son Cameron suddenly woke up, just before i was going to bed. I heard some movement at the top of the stairs and i thought i had better check it out just in case it was Bear waking and walking. Just as i opened the door i knew straight away that someone had just been sick, oh nooooooooooooo! i quickly ran up the stairs to find Cameron, poor thing really wasnt feeling good, his colour in his face totally drained away. So downstairs we came, got him cleaned up and took him and his bowl back to bed, and me hoping that that was going to be it. Oh i was  so wrong all night my poor little baby was being sick, and all night i was there cleaning up after him. Come 6 o clock though my alarm rang out telling me to get up because i had work to go to. No rest for the kids either because i wake them at 6.30am because i have to drop them off at grannies (nains) who luckerly lives in the same village, befor i go to work again in the village. So as you can imagine come tonight im feeling pretty tired, and as for Cameron  well no school for tommorrow as he was sick again late this afternoon. School policy states that they cant be in school until 24hrs after their last sickness. Nevermind it happens and thankfully not all the time. But  i feel that this week is going to be a week i will be pleased to get over as hubby has got psyio tommorrow, and a hospital appointment on wednesday, hopefully we will find out what they are going to do next with his leg, whether it has mended ok or if he needs another op etc its quiet scarey really, especially if it hasnt mended to plan, but we will just have to wait a couple more days, cant believe its been 3 months on the 1st of Febuary.
Well prehaps it could be another chocolate brownie week x
Before i go today, i would just like to say hello to all my new followers, i know that i have only 26 of you, but i do appreciate all of you reading and leaving comments on my blog x

                                                             THANKYOU X X