Tuesday, 7 June 2011

big week for hubby

Well this is a big week for hubby and me as hubby is going into hospital on Thursday to have the long awaited pain blocks put into his back and leg.
  7 months its already been since he last walked properly on them. Its been a very hard time for him. He is very nervous bless him, which i cant blame him as i didnt even want an eperdural when i had my three kids and luckerly i didnt need them as gas and air was enough. Its a big thing for him, will he be able to feel much after or are we going to have to go again for another set of needles. I do hope that it works 1st time because then he can crack on with the phsyio as even this has been put on hold as they feel they cant do anything.

Anyway also another highligted moment so far this week is that Saturday morning i had the element in the oven go, so quickly over to the electrical shop to get another one, just 5 mins before the shop was due to close, great i thought. Well once home i inserted the new element only to find that it didnt fit properly and that i would now have to wait till monday till be able to get anything done, great i thought a whole weekend with no oven.
Well Monday came along and i phoned them up at 8am to be told that they will now have to order a new element and it will be delivered on Tuesday.
HEY guess what i picked up the new element this afternoon, fitted it and now i have a fully funtional oven once again. You know they do say its the little things that keep you happy.

Anyway i guess i had better go now as i have to do the motherly thing of picking my tribe up from various clubs, so enjoy your night whatever you might be doing xx

country walks

What a wonderful time i had tonight, its not as if i had done much but take a lovely long walk down the nature reserve with my 2 oldest children. Bear was already in bed and it has been such a lovely day with all the sunshine that i thought why should it stop.
You know some days im just so speechless about how stunningly beautiful this world can be.

 Let me show you

Fantastic if i do say so myself.
But you know the one thing that im really pleased about, is seeing this.....

Do you know what it is, i must admit i have heard of them but until now i have never seen one, so off i went to the butterfly conservation web site and put up my sighting on their map.

For all of you who dont know what it is, it is a


Have any of you seen anything interesting lately?
Anyway i hope you have enjoyed looking at my nature post tonight and i hope i have inspired you all to go on a litle nature trail of your own x x