Friday, 4 March 2011

its the weekend...

Hi everyone, hope you all have had a good week. I cant believe that the weekend is here again already, where does the time go.
I must say thankyou for all your sweet comments about my crochet cushion, im glad you all like it.

I suppose i have'nt done too much this week, which is ok i guess as we all need to slow down from time to time.
Thursday hubby had phsyio, which to be honest really didnt seem to be worth the pain and the car journey, but enough said about that.
Wednesday was good as i had abit of a sort out, i went through the whole of my wardrobe and got rid of all the clothes that i no longer wear, and boy i felt so much better after that. I had been putting off this job for ages.
I know there are so many more jobs that need to be done its a shame i dont have octopuss arms.

Bear has had fun as you can see. He found it really queit funny posing for the camera with his tops around his head, as if it was a hat....

Bear and Cameron also had fun by trying to hide from me, but i think they were forgetting something dont you?

and they also failed to see me coming....

This afternoon they have been making dens, i dread to think what mess the play room is in.. 
My kids are not the only ones that have been getting into hidden places, Chester has been too. I have decided that iam going to recycle my own newspaper now by shredding it and giving it to my chickens instead of using too much straw. They seem to love having shredded newspaper in there and it keeps them just as warm as the straw so everyone is a winner.
I store the shredded paper in a brown recycling bag that we put all our green waste in, and one day i saw this...

Chester had found his new snug, all cosied up at the bottom of the bag.
Cats do like to hide away in funny places, dont they.
Just one thing before i go, why not pop over and see suz at  suz place she makes some lovely things from crochet and i know she would love to see you.
This is to sweetpea, suz is the lovely lady who helped me make the lovely flower i showed you..
Anyway have a good weekend everyone and i will catch up with you all soon..

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

my little something...

you know at the end of my last post i said that i had been working on a little something, well i have  now finished it, and if i say so myself i  very pleased with it.
These blue/grey granny squares were blogged about previously and i did have plans to make them into a blanket, but i decided to change my plans and i decided to do this instead...

this is the front

and this is the back..forgive the colour the picture didnt want to come out as good as the top one.
For my first attempt at crochet iam really pleased with the outcome.
And now i have my mind set to making a blanket, i just have to sort out the pattern of how the squares will go.
Anyway yesterday i had a wonderful day, i went into Ely one to do the food shop, but also to go in hunt for some cushion inners because of the above task.
While i was out though i had a good rumage in the charity shops and found these.

lots and lots of wool going really cheap from 50p to 1.99.  I thought wow and even if i dont use them all i wouldnt of spent much money on them if they didnt get used. But being in the bags you prehaps dont see them properly so....

the blue above is very much the same colour that i made the back of my cushion with..
just think what i could make now! a few more cushions maybe..

Also while out and about i picked these up

I found 2 more cushions, one from a charity shop and one from the haberdashery, some fabric, some t towels in the coulurs of liquorice alsorts well thats what i think, maybe i could make something with them any ideas? and lastly keep calm and carry on postcard for my hubby so he knows he can be strong and keep moving forward in the toughest days.

When cameron came in from school he really fancied a hot chocolate dont blame him as it was abit chilly yesterday and as you can see he had much fun putting lots of marshmallows on the top..

Anyway today has been abit more sunny so while bear was kipping i popped out and cut back our roses, so now they are all ready to flower, i cant wait...

There are so many jobs to do, in the garden and in the house i really must write a list and put them into some sort of order.

I hope you have all had a good day x

Sunday, 27 February 2011

back to school

Well tommorrow its back to school, and the house can return back to some normality. Everything will be tuned down a bit, if you know what i mean.

I do love it when they are home for the hols, you get to spend time out as a family, lay ins, which are just fab even if i do still get up at 7.30am. Bear has really enjoyed having the older two at home, i guess its someone else to play with apart from just mum.

Begining of the week though was taken up with appointments with dr's and physio etc, wednesday though was a good day as hubby's brother and family were back from Holland. We havent seen him for a while and it was lovely to see how much his kids Robin and Anna have grown. Such lovely children, so sweet to see them both playing with my tribe.

cameron, anna, robin, bethany and bear...

dave and ester and again bear, he's everywhere..

They were all only back til friday, short but such a lovely visit.

All week i have promised the kids that i would take them to the cinema, so come friday that is what we done, now this is not my type of film but the kids wanted to go and watch it, it being Yogi Bear. It was the first time that bear had been and i must admit he watched the film so peacefully. I wasnt sure if he would cry or just make alot of noise but he didnt he sat there so nicely, eating his popcorn in one hand and drinking with the other. I really enjoyed being out with the kids today, gets us all away from the stress that we all have to deal with at home.

Anyway hasnt it been a mixture of weather conditions this week sunshine then rain, just typical of british weather. I cant wait for the colours to come out in the garden.
When i was working today i saw these fabulous things..

i just couldnt resist them, i do so love tulips i cant wait for them to come out in the garden. at the moment the are only a few inches out of the ground but be patient they will show when they are ready.

Also this past couple of weeks i have been working on a little something, which i shall show you very soon, but for now i had better go.
I hope you have all had a good week, see you all next time x x