Friday, 26 November 2010

All the colours!

Its getting to that time of year that we start celebrating christmas. 
Every year here where i live they hold a Festival of Light at the church, where different groups and businesses put up a tree. I suppose its one of the ways how our little community all gets together to do something special.
I thought i would share with you some Xmas joy!

This is the tree that my family put up for the Local Nature Reserve that my husband Wardens, even though he is still layed up in bed it was still worthwhile putting one up as it makes people aware of the flora of the reserve.
 On the tree instead of normal decorations we put up pictures of all the butterflies and insects etc that we found this year at the reserve and a little note about what  the reserve is about.

you might just about see a label that says bag it and bin it, this is a campaign that we have at the reserve to encourage people to pick up after their dogs, so far so good its seems to be working!

A business called Creative Balloons put together this one!

This little pink one was done by the brownies

The font looks fabulous

This one is done by the village allotments groups

A local farm that produces lovely fresh meats done this one

You may like this one as it has been put together by the village sewing club

The sewing club ladies made this lovely Angel and the wonderful little owl!!

Theses white wreaths were made by the guides, apparently they used white bin bags! Im all up for recycling!

So many people have worked so hard on their trees this year. Its amazing every year to come to the church just for this one weekend in the year for you just to lose yourself  and to forget about any worries you have even if it is just for a while.
If by any chance you also want to remember the people that you no longer have with you then there also is a very special tree in the church for you to remember them by writing a message and the popping onto the tree. Very sweet and thoughtful and such a lovely idea x

I do hope you enjoyed my festive journey x