Tuesday, 6 September 2011

who's a pretty boy then !!!

Well like i mentioned in my last post my little boy was about to turn into a big boy as he was going to start secondary school today. You know me and hubby have been rather worried i guess about him starting, not because i dont think he would like his school but because he just isnt like his sister at all Beth is more out going, in control i guess but Cameron well abit more quiet, more gentle, keeps his feelings hidden if you know what i mean. Sometimes he can become upset if something goes wrong, sowe were  just a wee bit concerned that if something got to him he might get upset. But alais all was good, very good he seemed really quite jolly going out to get the bus

Cameron all dressed up and ready to go...

Bear waiting patiently for the school bus to come by..

there he goes....

 and when he got home well we couldnt shut him up....

So all in all he had a good day, so now when tommorrow comes i shall be alot more relaxed.


  1. So glad he had a good day- he looks very smart and grown up in his uniform. My youngest has cried himself to sleep tonight about his first day back tomorrow, but he likes school when he gets there! Bracing myself for tomorrow! Hope your boy has another good day:)

  2. Aaahh I am sure he will love it but know exactly what you mean. Boys don't open up as much as girls do they !