Wednesday, 5 January 2011

hair today, gone tommorrow

gosh my little girl is not so little anymore.
Beth had her hair cut yesterday, its amazing seeing how much its changed her. She kept looking at me while in the hairdressers saying 'i like it mum i like it' .

She had quiet abit taken off about 4 inches in total, but she has now go lots of layers put in so at the front it looks even shorter.

i truly dont know where all the years have gone, but we have to go with the times and we all have to let our children grow up.
This year she has a couple school trips one is on the 28th of January to canterbury to learn about Chaucer's canterbury tales, so that should be a fun trip as they will be going on different journeys around canterbury city . Then on the 1st July she has a day trip to France so she has a bit to look forward to.
Just the one thing though i still need to send the photos off for her passport! Who knows how long it will take to get her passport through.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

bear, bear, bear.

Bear oh he has made me laugh these last few days.
He has this thing at the moment where he has gone round different people trying to sniff at them, sounds strange i know but the look on his face is just so funny, he had me and his dad in stitches his brother his sister his grandpa, and i swear the more we laugh the more he does it. Then he decided that he would then do the licking thing where he would go up to everyone and try and lick them oh and then the bitting thing im sure that he thinks that he is a dinosaur. He is just so funny none of it is nasty, just pure fun.
Kids they are just so fun to be around and they definatley brightned up my day.
Tell me something that has brightened up your day this week x
And ps do have some fun too!!

oh i nearly forgot i just come across this blog and i said i would mention her ist giveaway
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