Sunday, 28 November 2010

cast away

On Wednesday hubby  had to return to hospital for his first appointment since being discharged 2 weeks ago. I have to admit we were both abit anxious about what they may say or do.
When we went into the side room the consultant who i must say was a very lovely young man told us that we will take a look at the leg first so off we went to the plaster room. The consultant did warn me though that it wont look pretty so just be prepared if i wanted to go in with him, and also that it could take up to 16 weeks before the leg even starts to mend so i think we are all in for the long run. Anyway after abit of a wait and after much thinking i thought be brave it cant be hat bad so i stayed.
Well off came the plaster and the bandages and slowly his leg was reveiled to me the first time since his accident. This is ok i thought, considering he looked abit like Frankenstein as he has two very long cuts on either side of his leg which goes from his knee down to his ankles. So i sat with him for a while sitting there for about 10minutes looking at his leg so i could deal with everything that was going on.
Oh but then just as i thought i was ok with it all, i just started to feel just alittle hot and abit sick, so i thought as suggested by the nurse that i would sit and wait outside the room.
Well 40 or so staples and so many stitches later i returned just in time for him to get his leg plastered. This time hubby decided to go with this colour!


The question is what colour will he have next as i dont know whether you know or not but they come in all the colours of the rainbow!
My daughter has suggested RED
My oldest son likes GREEN
And Bear seems to like the colour BLUE
I think personally that PINK would be a good one he he!!
So the question that we are going to put to you bloggers is what colour do you all suggest? let me know what you think.
His plaster will be changed on his next appointment in 4 weeks time, so another trip to hospital right on top of xmas hey ho, we know how to spend a good xmas in this house.


  1. Red would be Chritmassy. Hope you are managing to look after your self too.


  2. So sorry that you're all having to endure this, it must be tough on you all. My daughter broke her arm one December and she had a green pot with christmas trees and stockings on it, perhaps they'll have something similar at the next visit.

  3. aww what an ordeal for you all. I must say the blue looks great. But i agree red or orange would be nice and festive the kids could get some xmas stencils and add their festive design to it might be fun. And pink ha ha can you imagin the horror on his face ;-)) Bless. Have a lovely week and take care. Dee x

  4. Glad he is back in plaster and you aren't having to look as his leg at the moment. why not go for a bit of each, a proper rainbow to brighten up his leg a bit :-) x