Tuesday, 13 September 2011


well i've just a fun night. The local nature reserve in the village has just done a Bat Night for the cubs and guides in the village. As Beth is in the guides me and  Cameron joined her. I must say though having 40 odd children there all very excited was rather noisy but like magic as soon as the gentlemen from the wildlife trust said right now its time for us to listen to the bats , it all just went silent. If only i had the magic when my lot are at home....
In groups of 5's we all set of with our little bat detectors. It was marvelous just suddenly seeing these bats flying above your heads and the detectors suddenly bleeping to say ' im here, can you see me'.  Cameron and a friend got rather spooked when a munk jac deer creep out on them...

Iain webb from the wildlife trust who done a wonderful job keeping everyone entertained by the bats.
By 8.30pm all was done with lots of happy kids returning back home. I must say im glad that the weather stayed dry even though it was a little chilly as  just a few hours before it poured down.
Anyway its was just a quick post tonite, so i hope everyone else has had a good nite and i will see you all again soon x x night night x