Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas time!

Wow hasnt xmas come round quickly. Im so not ready yet, so much more to do. Xmas presents still to get, xmas cake still to ice, that can wait a couple more days though as i have just topped it up with more brandy ohh i cant wait to have a slice..  i do love a piece of xmas cake especially when its homemade.  I still have some more decs to put up, every year we all sit down and have a dable of making our own paper chains, they always seem to be much nicer then the foil ones, and they are recycable, which we all like.
I have one more xmas fayre to do this weekend. This one is going to be held in the church in the village which will also be  holding the festival of light so all the xmas trees will be in and all lit up. Fab it will be the first fayre the church has done so im really looking forward to it, but i must remember to wrap up warm as the weather here has become really cold and chilly. Talking about xmas fayres i popped to the church in the village down the road called Chippenham. I went last year and it was so cosy and xmasy, so i had to go back again this year. I wasnt let down as it was just as good this year, traffic was queued up on both sides of the street. I was also suprised to bump into a fellow blogger, i have never come across her before but she was a lovely lady, my son and daughter loved her jewellery. It wasnt expensive and it had a slight twist as my son got a necklace which was made out of old bottle caps and my daughter brought a lovely bracelet made with buttons. So when i got home i had a look at her blog, why not pop by and say hello you will find her at