Thursday, 21 July 2011

birthday celebrations

                 HAPPY   BIRTHDAY   BEAR
                               3 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday celebrations here at bearsfootprints. Bear is 3 years old today, where has the time gone i dont know. Up at 6.30am and bed at 8pm, something tells me he might be abit tired tommorrow. He has had such a fun day, presents to open, shopping in newmarket, grandparents round in the afternoon then birthday tea and cake. Let me show you all a few pics.

Bear was so keen to undo his presents, he didnt really stop to get changed properly...

Of course Cameron was eager to help his brother to fix everything together...
After the excitment of all the presents, me and Bear decided to go into town shopping. We went into the charity shops where Bear picked out a few lovely books and i picked up some lovely curtains which now my daughter has taken a liking to. Then before home we went and got something to eat.

In the afternoon the grand parents came round.... I bet you are thinking my god shes still not got bear dressed, well i did but im in the middle of potty training which i must say Bear took us by surprise on Monday and was asking for the potty so hey what do you know this week so far he has done wonders. Today was the first day he has sat on it without me even prompting him so yippee by jo i think i have cracked it, well nearly. You know its taken numerous times to get him this far too many that i have lost count.

This year Beth challenged me to make Bear a DINOSAUR cake not brilliant i know but hey it was my first attempt, it can only get better...
So as you can see we have all had a fab day celebrating, i hope you have all had a good day too.