Monday, 13 June 2011

sad day....

Today is a sad day, at 6.45am Bear came in and woke me so he sat there with me until the alarm crowed at 7.10am. 5 minutes later i rose up, got out of bed and went to undo the curtains. Firstly i looked over and saw chewy playing with what i thought was a mouse or something, but this then turned into horror as i quickly realised that he had been hit by a car. My heart just went, the kids were all my room, what do i do. So quickly i got some clothes on and then checked on chewy out of the window and noticed that a neighbour from up the road had stopped. Quickly i got all the kids downstairs and just told them that i would be back in a minute and could they please keep an eye on Bear while i did so. By the time i got a blanket out of the cupboard and went outside, my neighbour had picked Chewy up and moved him to the side of the road, at this point i knew that he was no longer with us. I crossed the road and gently picked him up and took him home.
He had a massive head injury and there was no way he would of made it. All i kept thinking was you poor thing but kept reminding myself at least he didnt suffer too much.
As you can imagine the kids were distraught. Chewy was Beths cat and she just broke down, Cameron well he is a boy so he tried to keep things together but quietly he was very upset, Bear well he is too young to realise what has just happened.
Poor Beth she broke right down, very angry too for the speeding cars that goes past our house just dont slow down, but she still went too school walking past the place where Chewy had been knocked down was one of her hardest moments. Cameron well i drove him to school as he really didnt want to walk.
After Beth left but before Cameron went to school i had to put Chewy into his resting place as i didnt really want Bear seeing what i was going to do at least Cameron could keep an eye on him till i got back in. So now Chewy is resting in the rose bed next to his brother Charlie who we also lost last year due to the same cicumstances.

Chewy r.i.p you will be missed my little whirlwind x x
born 28.05.10 to 13.06.11 x x