Saturday, 31 December 2011

all things lovely...

I hope you have all had a good xmas, mine was filled with the kids being excited and loud and just the odd moment of silence. I love xmas a time just for family to relax and enjoy x Mind you ot seemed to of flown past, i cant quite believe that this is the last night of 2011. I will have a few glasses of sparkling wine to see the new year in, but not too many as i have to go to work for 8 in the morning.
This morning though i had a most lovely surprise, a surprise because i had forgotten about it.  A little parcel came through the letter box for me.... i was thinking what have i got recently, how i could of forgotten i dont know but here is what i got..

This lovely little parcel which had a  lovely little box inside. It was posted by Janis at Giraffe Jewellery.. she makes some lovely pieces of jewellery you must pop by and say hello, please do say that i sent you as i mentioned to her that i would blog about her. I love the fact that she wrapped her box in Giraffe patterned paper.

You can catch her website on her card..

and this is the lovely piece that i had decided to buy, i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it a seed pod piece which has a green amber stone in it, i do love natural stone in my jewellery...i dont buy jewellery very often, but this piece just stood out, love it so thankyou Janis for sending out so quicky x x

Also today i finished off a commission piece.
It was a pink gingham elephant for a little girl who is going to have her first birthday. The customer had already brought one of my blue elephants for her nephew with his name on for xmas and he loved it so thought of me again for her friends little girl. This pink elephant has also had a name put on ..Nelly.

Its so nice to have customers return to buy your makes, hopefully Nelly will be pleased with it too..I now have 1 blue chequered left so lets hope he founds a new home soon too.

Happy new year to all, its been a great year being a blogger ive had my ups and downs and its been so nice having all your support and loving advice. I will have a toast to all of you. Come on 2012 its got to be a better year then i have just had x x  goodbye for now and i will see you all in 2012 x  x ps if i havent said it already THANKYOU  xxx


  1. So many people have said they have a good feeling about 2012 and I agree.

    Wishing you a year full of happiness.


  2. Sounds like a fab Christmas, ours was pretty much the same same - kids, food, movies, games and just enough sofa time - but it does seem to have flown by. Happy New Year - I think it's going to be a great one x

  3. Sounds like our Christmas (the loud children bit anyway!). How fab is that seed pod pendant?! I love it and your pink elephant. I agree that one of the nicest compliments is when a customer returns for more.

    Have a great 2012. Beth (the linen cat)