Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hello, i thought i had better update you all as i have been away for a few weeks. Busy busy busy. If its not one thing its another.
Thankyou to all of you who put your kinds thoughts regarding hubby. Im glad to say that he is now hopefully fully recovered and all spot/ rashes have now gone. He has got to go back to hospital just to get his eye checked shortly but im sure that it will be fine. I still dont believe in what the docters said at the last hospital appointment and as he no longer has any spots/rashes i believe my judgement even more.
What else have i been up to, well i went to see the film 'Wreckers' with Claire Foy and Benedict Cumberbatch. I must say firstly that you may not of heard of this film as it hasnt been released yet. Wreckers was filmed  the village where i live and one part was even filmed in my mother in laws house even with their cat Mozart who isnt with us anymore. There was very mixed feelings about this film with the local audience. Yes the film was dark in colour and in the script and yes you would have to watch it from the beginning to the end or you would lose your place, but you know i do like Clare Foy and i dont mind watching film that is a bit on the different side. Now this film will be out in a select few cinemas and also in December you should be able to see it through your internet on the computer. If you still want to see it, it will be on dvd i think in Febuary.

 If you want to see a snipet then you can here...... 

What do you think- interesting?
Heres Claire Foy talking about the film..

Well enough as im rambling.

This week while out for a walk with the kids we came across this little fellow.

He was sitting in the door way of the church. He was the size of my hand, abit strange that he was out in the day time as they are nocturnal, but i could see him get knocked down by a car so i gently picked him up in some leaves and moved him into a leafy part of the churchyard.
A day later i read an article about hedgehoges and if you find any this time of year, If they are too small, what you feed them etc. Well it also said if you see them in the daytime then you should be concerned. How awful did i feel knowing that prehaps there was something wrong and i just tucked him away..thinking that i was doing the right thing in not interfering. Fingers crossed he will be ok.
I have also been making some more bits and bobs ready for this weekends Xmas Fayre, i shall post some pics when i have some better light, dont know about you but the last few days have been very grey and dull.
Any way i shall go and catch up with some of you and then do abit more crochet x x
Hope you all have a good night x
BYE xx