Monday, 5 September 2011

big day for my little boy

As you know schools back this week and my not so little boy is starting secondary school tommorrow. I really dont know where the time has gone. Beth will be in yr8, Cameron starting yr7 and Bear will be going back to preschool to do all afternoons apart from the mondays. So all change, things wont be as they were, before i know it they will all be left school and starting their own little families, STOP just hang on, deep breath i still have a few years yet even though Beth is going on 18.

Talking about getting older. Flo is now 2 weeks old and growing well, you want to see....

You cant quiet see it from this photo, but flo has some little white flight feathers coming through...

Breakfast anyone?

 What else have i been up to well, i went to carboot sell on the bank hol monday and picked up a few things, 1 being a pin board and i had great plans for my 40p buy, i made this....

Ive seen so many of these around and what a great idea but i really didnt want to pay for one when i think i can do one myself, so here it is and the first thing to go on is a postcard from a very dear friend who we only see about once a year because he lives in china. This postcard though has come from Australia when he visited there a few weeks back... for me i can only just dream of going, maybe one day it may become a reality...
Not bad for a first attempt prehaps the ribbon could be alittle straighter but hey i have space for little things and big nice to have something different up.

Another thing which has happened lately is that finally we have a fence put all the way down the garden, we just have to finish the end bit but that can wait a little longer..
23 fence panels it took, yes really wasnt cheap but i will let you all into a little secret. Really i done well because where fence panels would cost about £20.00 a panel mine only cost £10.00 a panel from a lovely little place down the road that deals in seconds ( hand me down wood supplies that big companies no longer need etc)
So all in all i have got my fence for half the cost..

hopefully after saving a few more pennies we would like to get some 6ft x 1ft trellis to go onto the top hence why we havent had the posts cut down.
I have to apologise a little though for the messy state of me beds believe it or not there is some potatoes still in the middle plot and a few parsnips and carrots in the other ones. If hubby was up and about the beds would look so much better as there would be more time to keep them..i just have to look forward in having to cut back all of the long grass so it can all re seed itself, but i must say its going to be a BIG job... anyway what have all of you been up to i shall go now and find out... see you all soon x x


  1. I'm sure your not-so-little-fella will enjoy secondary school :) They all seem to grow up far too quickly. Well done on the fencing, that's a bargain :) xx

  2. oh no really is my bro starting school tomorrow jokes im glad he is starting im sure he will have fun

  3. awwww how his first day went well. My youngest started secondary today as well and he said it was ok bless him. Its a huge step for them and us really. Well done on your fence pannels and they look great...and WOW your garden is huge ;-)) I hope hubby is healing well. And little Flo awwww she is so sweet. Have a great week, dee xx

  4. It does feel like a big thing, especially when they move up to secondary! Two of mine went back this morning- Year 10 and 11 (I can't get my head round having to think about colleges!) and one goes back tomorrow. The house will feel weird without them all:(

    Your chick is looking splendid