Friday, 17 December 2010

almost there

Well xmas is almost upon us, 1 more weekend, 7 more sleeps and the kids have broken up  for the festive holidays. Im i ready NO is the answer to that, im sure im not the only one that says every year ' next year im going to be more organised'.
  Anyway this year i decided that im going to make up a couple of hampers for my parents, as you know what they say 'we have everything, there isnt anything i really need' so at least with a hamper i thought they would use everything eventually. So yesterday i made another batch of lemon curd which just fitted into the jars that i had prepared, im also at some point during this next week  going make some really yummy if i do say so myself Rum Truffles. I have sold these before at our local gala day which is always held on the first saturday of July and my customers were truly delighted with them. One thing i did have to do before i forgot again was to go to the local florist and pick up some selophane to wrap these up in and of cause the xmas cakes that im also going to put in. I have to admit though when at the florist i was so tempted to buy some flowers they were gorgous, but  at £1.50 per stem i thought i had better hold myself back and concentrate on what other xmas things i still need to get, prehaps next week when im done i could go back and treat myself and get some fresh flowers in for xmas, will see..
   Changing the subject a little, while i was out in town the other day looking through the charity shops to see what little thing i could find, Bear got a little upset after seeing a thomas train on the shelf, i politely told him no we have thomas at home we dont need anymore and he got a little grumpy. Well anyway i then had all the customers and the staff say arh whats upset your little girl  and tried to cheer him up, notice the word HIM. After a few more comments i had to politely say to them im sorry to say but SHE is a HE. I know what its is Bear has gorgous hair with lovely curls, and i cant bring myself to cut his hair really short, it would be a sin. But you know it doesnt matter he wears boys clothes, no pink in the slightest but still people mistake him for a girl, i take it all light hearted though and i have to have a quiet little chuckle to myself.

Bear the cheeky little monkey!

i mean you have to laugh do i really look like a girl..

My hubby reckons that Bear is going to break a few hearts when he gets older....
Anyway i suppose i had better go and try and sort out some more things for crimble, so will see you all back here soon x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

goodbye boys!

Just a short little note today.
Today is a sad day, as today my boys are gone. My two gerbils Fred and Ginger have passed away.
They were both fine yesterday, but alas i come home from work this afternoon and there they were. I do find it abit strange how they both decided to go, but at least they will stay together for ever.
So this is to Fred and Ginger  you will be sadly missed, goodbye boys x x