Friday, 10 December 2010

cosy toes

 6 weeks on from my hubbys accident im still his slave no sorry little helper. I have come to realise that he has this really annoying habit, no fault to him as i know he doesnt mean to do it but everytime and i mean everytime i go to sit down and just get comfortable he will then ask oh can you get this and oh can you get that. I mean can he not see that i have just sat down, no i say to myself keep calm, dont get stressed get it done THEN i can sit down again. In reality my hubby says im not too bad am i, i say oh yes you are he he. Come on it is panto time. Thankgod i have got a wicked sense of humour he he.
Anyway hubby has been saying lately that his toes were getting cold, so my mother in law has very kindly knitted him a toe cosy.

What do you think, very festive..

 Anyway he has his next appointment on the 22nd so we will see what happens then.
I would just like to say thankyou to everyone who commented on what colour cast he should have next, the Jury is still out till the 22nd so keep your eyes peeled. Sweetpea erm multi coloured i think you said, not sure if that is viable could prehaps ask, but as some of you said red would be very festive and i guess would match the toe cosy, lets wait and see.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

pussy galore!

Last week we put up our xmas tree, we always put it up for my daughters birthday which is on the 4th of december makes it abit more special for her. I love putting up our tree as we put lots of crafty, homemade decorations on it.

my little angle, she looks out for us over the xmas break..

i picked these little gingerbread men up at a fayre i went to a couple of years ago
There is one xmas dec that i really cant remember putting on the tree and it does rather look out of place, can you see what it may be?

As you can see chewy the cat has found the tree. This is his first xmas so he is totally excited about having a tree inside the house. Im not kidding everyday since we have had the tree up he has climbed it at least 6 times a day. Decorations scattered everywhere, the tree wobbles from side to side and im surprised it hasnt fallen over yet!
Nevermind hopefully next year he will be alot calmer.
We also like to make our own paper chains every year its abit of a tradition in our house.

I do love xmas after all the rushing around getting everything organised you can just relax and take in the atmosphere.
What is your best bits of the xmas season let me know x

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Visit from Jack Frost

Waking up this morning was a complete joy.
I know it was freezing but just look what mother nature has delivered, wonderful scenery as far as your eyes could see. There was spikey little points on everything. Poor chickens will have abit of a shock when they go outside today. Its funny you know im sure its much more colder now with the frost than what it was when it snowed last week. All i can say is thank god for central heating!

This is a view from my kitchen window.

 This is the area where i keep my chickens, as you can see from the picture their enclosure is abit frosted, you normally can see right through.

While i was out this morning i thought i would take along my camera to see what delights i could take, and now i would like to share these pics with you....

You know one thing i do love with these frosty days are webs, cob webs they stand out so much better and again another one of  mother natures miracles..

As you can see incy wincy spider has been very busy, im surprised in someway that these poor little things dont just freeze in these conditions.

I do love poppies, before they flower when you just see their spikey outers to when they undress to reveil their aray of beautiful colours within, and then when they have shed their colours to show off  the most fabulous seed pods.

Well tommorrow will bring another cold day not sure if it will be as wonderful as today, but you know this is what i love about our seasons they are so different but so beautiful in their own right..