Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ist makes

Hello everyone i hope you have all had a good week so far, nearly the weekend.

It seems like ages since i last did a post, bust going here and there.

Well this week i have been a busy little bee, ive been doing some more granny squares for my blanket. i find it really relaxing just sitting there in my spare time crocheting away.
I have made some bigger granny squares, then i have some that are a  little smaller because i had ran out of the yarn i was using. So anyway last night i had a little lightbulb pop up in my head and this is what it was..............

What do you think, this is my crocheted lavender cushion it is about 10cms x10cms and im so pleased with it and i really enjoyed making it. Prehaps if i made some more i could sell them. 
   One question though how much do you think i should sell them for if i did?..

And today i made this

My floor cushion.....
   I didnt think that i would be able to finish it as my sewing machine just decided to stop on me. After having a good fiddle with it i thought that prehaps it might be a fuse, so i popped down to Pattersons, which is a small shop in the village that sells almost everything. Mind you this little shop is like a little treasure trove because some of the stuff in it is years old, but you know i guess thats what makes it kind of special.
When i got back home YIPEE! it worked but then there was no light. Not too  worry as i had a spare bulb in a drawer, so  i then changed that and hey presto the finished cushion.
And like my other little make im so pleased with myself.
I have to admit though i have to say thankyou to my sister, as she sent me a package in the post with the material and instructions on how to do it. It was a envelope design so no buttons or zips (great)  and she showed me exactly how to do it, and you know shes right it was such a simple thing to make that i make well just make some more.
Its funny isnt it, i never really thought that a year ago i would be doing all the crafts but im loving it.
  It just prove how addictive this bloggy world is, fab isnt it...
Oh my trees that i ordered have turned up today too.

One Prunus Kanzan
One Bramley Apple
One Granny Smith

Now i just have to get them into the ground, which would normally be my hubbys job, so i guess this maybe another blog at a later date as it good take a while.
I cant wait though to have my first friuts yum yum.... not sure what the neighbours will think though but they have nothing to worry about as we will keep them well maintained.
This year is definatley going to be a year of growing your own.

Anyway i think i have rambled on for longer enough now, so hope you have enjoyed reading my blog now im off to read yours x x x