Thursday, 20 January 2011

boy what a day

like the title says boy what a day i have had. Its not that i have had a really busy day just an emotional day.
The last few days i guess everything has just got on top of me. Iam trying to do too much, most proberly what else can i do i have a hubby who can not walk, a son who we have decided to potty train, two older children who sometimes squabbles but as a whole are normally really good and helpful. im running around all the time doing things you know the ones that must be done shopping, washing, cleaning looking after the kids and hubby and anything else that pops up along the way. Somedays it doesnt matter how positive you are when you wake up somedays it just all goes to pot.
So to cheer myself up, some chocolate came out of the cupboard and i just stopped, deep breathes and i slowed myself down. Bear had gone for a kip and it was quiet, i talked to my hubby and i soon started to feel more sain again. You know i dont blame my hubby at all for the position that we are in at the moment its not his fault and its not mine and one day in the future things will eventually return back to some sort of normallity, but until then you know the saying ' keep calm and carry on'.
After Bear awoke from his afternoon kip i also decided to walk down to the school to pick my other son up, since the accident i havent really been to  the school, so it was good to catch up with people, also i had some parsips and carrots from my veg plot to give to a friend so in all two jobs in one done.
Lets hope the next few days are calmer x x
ps thankyou Zoe for making me realise that i need to make more time for myself, the cross stitch might make a come back x x