Saturday, 19 October 2013


hhhmm Depression what are your thoughts on his subject????
 I have just been catching up on some reading here on blogland and i was rather moved by a post by Heather over at Pink Milk.....
Heather has been suffering with depression for some time and  thought she would just write a post about it. Heather is not alone.

My husband has suffered with depression for the last 17 plus years, has it been easy to live with NO, do people treat you differently YES. 
Depression is such a complicated thing to understand for those who suffer from it and for those who dont. I have tried my hardest over the last 17 years to understand my husbands depression and even still i can find it hard to deal with. Emotionally it is a full time job. 
I have attended all his appointments to help him and myself to come to terms with the affects of this horrible illness. Years of trying to understand the signs.
You know in the past my husband has had to deal with his friends walking away and leaving him with no support apart from me, fellow work mates making it hard for him to do his job, 2 jobs which even resulted him in leaving the jobs he loved. The thought of when starting a family that social workers will come along and take your kids way. People thinking that your lazy, you should pull yourself together or even well i manage to pick myself up and get on with it.....

When depression sets in,  its not as simple as getting on with it, you need the right support, the right medication and the right kind of understanding... be supportive by being there, you dont even have to say anything just the thought of knowing someone is there to listen, through the good and bad days.
Yes some people do become better, but for a lot of people the fight continues even with the right medication you can still feel useless, not wanted and thinking that people would be a lot better off with out you there.
So before you think the worst in people or before you feel the need to run away, just have a second thought about the people fighting everyday just trying to look normal as everyone else.