Wednesday, 26 October 2011

stitching up

This week it has been half term and i must say its been lovely not worrying about what time i have to get up, not that its much of a lay in but even that extra half an hour makes a huge difference. The kids have been jumping into bed with me and we have been giggling and having lots of hugs and watching alittle tele..You know we do have to treasure these moments as like a few people have told me when they get older they wont want to know, let alone getting them out of bed at a decent time. Monday morning we had these for breakfast.

Yummy Yummy PANCAKES!!!
Later on we also made some cupcakes but as you can see there is no photo because they didnt stay around longer enough for me to get one......

We havent done too much, just trying to relax and enjoy each others company. Beth has been round a mates a coupe of times and even earned a ittle bit of money by washing peoples cars and walking their dogs. Talking about earning some money, i have decided that its about time that my older two should pull their weight aliitle when it comes to doing the housework, so for every little chore that they do like washing up etc i will put some money into a pot for them, so the more chores the more money. Anyway its early days so will see how they get on and see if they will get bored with it or not.

Also this week i have decided to do a few cross stitch things. I have been drooling over  one of Helen Phillips books which i had borrowed from a dear friend. Well after about a month of  i thought i had better give it back so as there was so so many lovely things in there, i thought i had better order my own copy. So today it arrived, so Zoe if your reading this then your books will be back with you next time i see you.. thankyou. Well like i said the whole book is fab and i decided to make these...

Want to see..

I made this  into a lavender cushion to sit into  a drawer it measures 7cms by 11cms.

This is the back of it.

Beach hut hanging lavender bag. This measures about 5cms by 8cms.

Do you like?     I think i will make some more..

What have all of you been up to,
Anything exciting?
I think i will pop by and have a quick look x x
Thanks for popping by everyone and i hope you are all having a relaxing week too....x x