Saturday, 13 November 2010


Me and my hubby would just like to say a huge thankyou to you lovely bloggers for your very kind messages that you have left.
Please can anyone else let me know if they have had any problems posting comments on their blog or other peoples blogs, as i tried to leave a comment on mine but it just came up with there is an error. Its so frustrating after writing something then it doesnt get posted, then you forget what you wrote, so you have to start all over again.....

Friday, 12 November 2010

Poor Old Man!

Its been a long couple of weeks. Hubby is now at home after being told if he came home he would have to have total bed rest. So out came the sofa bed as he can't get up the stairs, and even though we have a downstairs toilet he can't even make it there!
He has to just lay in bed resting his elavated leg.

hubby in full leg cast..

I am totally  at  his beck and call all he needs now is a bell of some sort and he would be sorted!
I find it amazing, how on earth do us humans keep going when everything else around us keeps falling apart.
Ive got to keep positive next year will be a better year, the leg will hopefully eventually mend ok and we will be in happy days again.
One thing though that does have to change is smoking. The docters have told my beloved that he has to stop smoking or he could still lose his leg. So he has now got everything patches, gum, inhalators bad moods, grumpiness  and of course a great BIG pain in the arse. No he really isnt that bad...
Like they say when you get married for better and for worst etc

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A week in A & E - i think my bad luck is still here!!

well let me start at the beginning.
On Monday last week my husband was helping out at a nature reserve by looking after the buffalo they keep there. When he looks after the boys as he calls them, he has to follow the electric fence that surrounds them to make sure that the is no obstructions to it. Well half way round he noticed that there was and as he went to climb over the fence as safely as he could so he didnt electrocute himself he somehow managed to slightly catch his trousers on the barbed wire and this made he fall and he fell on his leg.
 Well if you havent already of guessed he fell and hurt his leg, queit badly in fact, as at the point he phoned me while i was at home to say he needed some help as he has broken his leg.
So well this is where the fun begins i had to firstly call the ambulance to get them to meet me there, then they told me they needed an address which i didnt have as this nature reserve is inbetween two villages out in the fens. In the end they said they will find it so with this i then i had to phoned the manager of the reserve to get him to meet me there as he knew exactley where to go and to help as hubby was all by himself then i had to sort out the issue that was the children.
This wasnt too bad as my mother in law was to hand as she only just lives down the road, so i phoned her to explain what had happened to her son then i dropped off the children.  At this point i had my husband keep phoning me as he was tottally in the middle of nowhere with a broken leg a starting to worry as no sign of the ambulance. I managed to get to the reserve at the same time as the quick response vehicle, which we then realise wouldnt be enough so the paramedic phoned through to get a land vehicle to come to the site.
Then me and the paramedic had the task of trying to locate hubby in the middle of this reserve, so got hubby back on the phone to whistle until we got closer enough to see him. Eventually after walking through a very boggy, wet, slippery path with an electric fence on one side we found him laying on the ground in a very sorry state. Gas and Air was given straight away as the paramedic quickly realised he had broken his leg and he was in a great deal of pain. The only problem we all faced was how on earth are we going to get him out of there as the ground was so dangerously slippy and uneven. 1st thought was air crew but the helicopter would even struggle so that was a no. When the manager turned up the paramedic went off with him while i stayed with hubby so they could work out the safest and quickest way out. After 15 to 30 mins later the land crew arrived with more gas and air, stretcher, blankets etc and the manager with a mule (which is like a larger quad bike). Slowly but surely we got him onto a stretcher and then the task of getting him onto the mule but first there was abit of walking to be done 4 people with the stretcher, 1 carrying the gas and air, and 1 carrying other equipment. After a couple of slips in the mud and stopping and starting we all managed to get safely to the mule.
At this point the gas and air had finished so hubby had to put up with the pain till we get to the ambulance. After a short, bumpy, painful ride on the mule past the buffalo we reached the ambulance. Hubby was now nearly on his way to hospital 2 hrs after he first fell.
By the time i left him went home got changed (as i was muddy as a mud cake) popped in the make sure the kids were ok and made my way to the hospital, hubby was stil in A and E waiting to be seen he was now on his 4 bottle of gas and air. 2 more hours after getting to hospital the nurses found a bed then off to x-ray to be seen.
My dearest husband had done a proper job he had broken and fractured his tib and fib. OUCH!!!
He was in sooooo much pain but i was so helpless to help him, we just had to keep waiting.
Finally at 7pm they got him a bed on a ward i left him in the good hands of the nurses as the children will be wondering where there mum and dad were.
Next morning i phoned to see how he was and was surprised to hear they had taken him down already for his op, but then they told me they had to rush him down as he had compartment Syndrome and he was so close to losing his leg. omg!! deep breath! main thing is that his still has two legs at least they got to him quick enough!
Its been such a  long week up and down, up and down to the hospital im starting to feel like a yo-yo!
He had a second op on thursday to close his wound and to put on a plaster cast, hopefully he wil be on the mend, but oh no. Last night after i visited him they had to quickly take of his cast as his leg was starting to swell up again, but alas this morning he is starting to feel better again.
Talk about roller coasters ive been on a few this week, lets see what tommorrow brings!! hopefully sooner or later he will be coming home.