Friday, 30 September 2011


Sorry i havent blogged the last few days but i have had a few distractions this end. Yes you have read the heading right....SCALPED!!
Mid week our little Flo managed, i dont know how, but managed to get herself stuck between the door that separates her, mum, and bluebell from 2 of the other girls penelope and gertie. While she was stuck these other 2 girls decided to have a very big go at her a scalped her. My poor daughter Beth shouted at me from the garden to say 'quick mum you have to come NOW its Flo'. When she has done this in the past there hasnt really been too much to see but she was right this time, poor Flo was so distraught and the same goes for Beth. So i quickly removed Flo into her hen house so she could try to calm down and my what a job the girls did. Poor Flo. I quickly popped back down to the house and got some things to clean her up, i gave her a quick look and tryed to clean the area.

As you can imagine it wasnt a pretty site and i too really didnt know what to do, so i phoned a friend. Down she popped with her husband to have a look and to give me some advice. They also gave her a quick clean with some warm salty water and to my suprise they told me that infact chickens are really quite tough, theres me thinking oh my god big wound, it will go into shock and will have to be put down. No as long as i keep it clean and she keeps moving and eating and drinking then she should heal ok she might be abit bald in the end but hey at least we will still have her. Mind you he did add that she might be a he.. but then again he has got this wrong before with one of his own chickens, so i reckon we will just wait and see..But one thing i do know is that i really did appreciate their advice, so THANKYOU zoe and co.

I just hope now that Flo recovers quicky because i have to be honest i really dont like all the blood and gawh that comes with it. One quick insite on how to keep chickens, or not.