Saturday, 25 February 2012

flo or floyd

flo? or floyd?
that is the question..

here is Flo at 1 week old

and this is Flo at 25 weeks old.

Now this is the thing i have been patiently waiting for our Flo to lay her first egg this last few weeks but alas nothing, but i thought not to worry she may be a late one. But Thursday i had a sinking feeling as about 9.30am i heard a noise that just didnt feel right.
Flo had made a noise similar to a little cock a doodle doo...
NO!!!! i thought it wasnt was it, i mean as soon as i heard it i thought no.... but no, a gave it another day, no nothing, not one little squeak, but alas again this morning about 9am i heard her again. 4 times in total she tried to crow. My poor daughter is totally gutted. We all honestly thought that Flo was a girl. When i sat her down to tell her she ran off in tears, i mean it was her little hen.
Well after a couple of days for the news to sink in she has finally realised that Flo will have to go, be rehomed hopefully as i dont really like the thought of her going in the pot. Its a shame but i really dont think the neighbours would appreicate him crowing early in the morning.
I still cant quite believe still myself i mean i still keep calling her she when really i know that she is now a he. Hence the title of this post we have now changed her name to floyd.
He is such a gentle thing so friendly, i will really miss him.
Good news though... I spoke to a lovely lady that i know today at a jumble sale who has her own flock of chickens and 1 cockeral down at the local allotments. It just so happens that she was looking for another Cockeral as hers has already fathered some of the hens in her flock and didnt really fancy letting him at them. So she is more than happy to take floyd down there to keep the girls happy. Another bit of good news is  that the preschool has their allotment right next door so Bear can see him when he goes with the school and we can go and see him whenever we want.   Winning situation all round.. only thing is iam going to keep him just abit longer till he finally gets his proper cock a doddle do, which will also give his new owner time to sort out his accomodation.

Floyd is the one on the right, enjoying the snow with penelope. as you can she Floyd is much bigger then penelope, and even though this picture was only taken 2 weeks ago, Floyd already has bigger waddles and comb!
Anyway i have to think that he will be ok in his new home when it is time to go, and im sure he will love all the attention from the girls. Its just shame the he cant stay i know we have quite a large back garden but i just know  the neighbours wont be happy, i  really dont know how loud he will get or how many times he might crow and at what times, surely he couldnt get that loud but i just cant risk him  causing trouble.