Wednesday, 26 January 2011

ohh look what ive done

Thankyou for all your lovely suggestions from my last blog. One of you asked where i got all the fabric from. Well my dears, in our village like many the ladies from the church hold a coffee morning every Tuesday morning, so this is where i sometimes go for a bargain. Low and behold this is where i have found the treasure of all the fabric, i thought it would be perfect way to start off my fabric collection anyway because i go to the same place on a Thursday for Beth guitars lessons and that my mother in law is one of these ladies that sets it all up on a Tuesday i popped in and retrieved it all then while Beth was practising, so yesterday when i went to the coffee morning to pay the £5.00 for the fabric the ladies then said no thats too much and they only took £3.00 for it all WOW!! i thought because im not joking some of the fabric had at least 4 to 8 meters on it BARGAIN!! how could i not get it all.
Well today while Bear was kipping i decided to have some fun on my sewing machine, and i made this..................

My sewing machine cover!!!
I know it prehaps doesnt look like much but for my first attempt im quiet pleased with it, although one of the corners isnt as neat as the other 3, but we learn as we go along.
It's funny one of you mentioned a laptop bag which also my hubby mentioned but i think i would need a bit of padding in it too so needs abit more detail before i start on that idea.
Cushions has also come to mind, and i would like to make some pj bottoms too, but i havent got any patterns so will see can it be that hard?
Anyway my sister is back at the end of feb as she lives in Devizes, and she is going to show my how to do a few things so i cant wait x x

Monday, 24 January 2011


Firstly i would just like to say a big thankyou to all of you that blogged on my last post. Iam really quiet surprised how understanding all of you are. As one blogger said they use their blog to talk about all the happy stuff in their lives so in some way you forget about all your troubles you might have in the normal life. Likewise i suppose i keep my blog in the same way, but then i realised that you know we all have problems no matter how big or small and we shouldnt be ashamed or feel like that shouldnt be able to speak about them. Hence why the other blog is being set up.

Anyway the last few days has been alot better, today me and Bear made some delicous chocolate brownies, which i  must say wont last very long.

A couple of days ago i also managed to pick up some fabric, and before you all get excited its not as nice as some of you have  but i still think prehaps i got a bargain lots and lots of fabric and i have only spent a fiver. Only thing is, is that i dont know what to make with it any ideas please.

i know this one looks like a suit fabric..

the bottom colour is a karki

the the top one here is like a burgundany or deep wine..

i have got some white fabric too..

but im new to sewing, i only got my sewing machine at xmas

so im a total novice, so where do i start???
some of the fabric i seem to have meters of  and they seem to all come from fabric shops in London.
Any way that is it for now , so i will see what suggestions you all come up with.