Monday, 4 July 2011

Gala Fun..

Hi, yes im back. Its been a while i know but since the day chewy got knocked down my mind hasnt really been in the mood to write anything. In general my mind really hasnt been able to do much apart from making sure the family is running, but hey now im back so let me catch you all up with what i have been up to.

Well this past weekend was Gala day, the sun was shining and everyone had a great day, well i say that but i managed to get hubby down and to be totally honest he really didnt want to be there, it was all abit too much, but the friends group for the village reserve was there having a stall so in a way he wanted to help out even though he was in a wheelchair and really not able to do much.

 When we had finished for the day and i when i had got him back home within minutes of getting him back on his bed, he had fallen asleep. Bless him it really did knock him out. I have taken some photos so you can see some of the fun.

This is my daughters St Trillians walking float Beth 3rd in from the left..

This one is the swimming pool association float..

This one is the preschool float all about village life and what they wanted to be when the grow up. Bear didnt go on this one this year as he hasnt been at preschool for long and i didnt realyy know how he would be in me leaving him, he's been a little upset the last few times i have left him.

W.I float 'A Day At The Races'

One float that i didnt catch on the day but i helped abit with was the cubs float which was in the theme of 60 years of Dennis the Menace.

Also while trying to finish the cub float me, bear, mrs sweetpea and little sweetpea went strawberry picking. Quite handy having the float made at a strawberry farm!!

As you can tell you strawberries were very tasty....

Anyway i hope you have enjoyed catching up x x

As you can see  Bear had a good day.....