Saturday, 23 October 2010

Good luck what good luck!!!!!!!!

i cannot believe my luck or not luck!!
i went into town today to get a new key cut for my new back door and guess what now the new key won't work, so i now have to go back next week and get that sorted too!
I have new gas meters being fitted on Tuesday and im just waiting for something to go wrong............
When will i start to get that good luck that people talk about.

A morning with Bear

Today we had  a couple of visitors, or should i say workmen.
We were having our new doors fitted or one at least ( look at previous blog) and Bear thought this would be a great time to be creative.
As the men were trying to fit our new door Bear the ever so  helpful child went and got his tool box and was there with his screw driver and hammer and goggles being a workmen for the morning. The men had a bucket of cement which they used to put in a new step and Bear was there with their trowel putting the cement in the hole. He was having such a wonderful time chatting while he was working. When the men were screwing on the new frame he was there doing the same when they were hammering he was hammering when they stopped to have tea and biscuits then he stopped to have juice and biscuits. All in all you couldnt tear him away until all was completed. You could even say that he was the man in charge directing them in everything they did.
Afterwards he then found the new toy, the cat flap for a two year old there is nothing else much you would ask for....

At Home

Well what i couple of days ive had, its not if its that bad so dont worry but just wears you out.
Firstly had a phone call to say my gas boiler was due for a service and was it still ok for an engineer to come out tommorrow and do it still. And of course i jumped back and said i havent even recieved anything to say my boiler was due for a service. Well anyway of course i said yes come round tommorrow i shall be in.
Tommorrow comes and did they turn up NO they didnt, so i phoned them up and i asked the question as i had been waiting in all morning for them to turn up as you do. I gave them my details and they told me oh your service isnt due until December (oh i could of screamed, dont you hate it when companies mess you about!) after a bit of a moan i thought ok let this one go and i will now wait till December.
On Thursday we were due to have a new front and back door fitted. Great i thought we needed new ones as the old ones used to let a draft through especially in the colder months.
Out they got from their van knocked on the door, explained to me what they will be doing so i said i will just let them get on with it.
And here it goes again, another knock on the door, iam very sorry but we are not going to be able to fit your front door apparently someone had made a mistake and  put two back doors in the van instead of one front and one back door. Great i thought, it always seems to be me that gets all the bad luck! what can you do you just have to put up and make an appointment another day to get the front one put on. At least we now have a new back door and it has a cat flap fitted into it which will be great, it will save me undoing the door everytime my 3 cats wants to go outside, but it would of been nice for it all to be done in one day saves all the messing about.
 I do hope everybody else has had better days than me if you have why not let me know it might just brighten up my day............

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cake day!!

Today as you might of guessed was cake day!
 Bear was full of joy when i said to him shall we make some cakes.
So off in the kitchen we went, Bear helped me get all the ingredients ready, then we made a start.
Cupcakes are a favourite in this house. Thought we could do the same as the pink ones that i have blogged about before but this time with blue buttercream topping. Yum Yum!!
After whisking together the butter and sugar, Bear helped me with counting and cracking open the eggs and adding to the mixture. But for Bear the best bit is to come, he couldnt resist when we had finished to get his spoon stuck in the bowl to help get it clean

Yum Yum!
 Even though it is lots of fun baking with your children, dont you hate it when they mess with the oven. I put the timer on, only to find out that Bear had played with all the knobs and switched my timer off. Luckly we were ok and no buns were hurt in the making of them he he!

Chewy - my little whirlwind

My little whirlwind Chewy.

After the loss of my beloved Charlie cat, who we miss terribly. We decided that we would  add another addition to the household.
 Chewy is now our newest member of our family he is our little whirlwind. He is always on the move not unless he is sleeping, always trying to chase the other two cats around the house. He is there first thing in the morning to say hello, he runs rings around your feet to let me know that he would like his breakfast. The other two cats Carlsberg and Chester just sit and watch, they are like a pair of two wise cats watching the tiny tearaway.
Today though iam thinking of him as today is a BIG day. Today he is going to the vets to erm how can i put this politely, he is to have his nether regions tied get what iam trying to say. To my husband it makes his eyes water!!!
But never the less it has to be done so at 9.15am i said farewell till later. Poor little thing had no idea what was going to happen. Anyway at 2pm i phoned the vets and all went well and i could pick him up later.
4pm arrived and Chewy was back at home. Out he popped, out of his carrier still very tired and wobbley on his feet. So i left him to find a queit spot to rest.
A few hours later you would'nt think he had gone through what he had, as he was zooming around as normal.
Well done Chewy for being such a brave young pussycat.

Chewy  - my little whirlwind