Friday, 16 March 2012

its time!

Well tommorrow is the day that Floyd is moving to his new home. Its a shame really as i have quite enjoyed hearing him crowing, but alas i dont want  to annoy the neighbours so its time to say farewell.  Mind you in saying that we can all still  go and visit him when ever we want. As the allloments where he is going is only across the road. Might even still be able to hear him, depending which way the wind is blowing...I will hopefully post some pics of him in his new home so you can all see him with his new flock of girls.
Anyway what else have i been up to, as im afraid i have been abit busy so the posts have been a little lack.
Well i have been in the garden again, sorting out the composts bins, putting the lovely new compost on the beds and turning last years compost into the next bin so i can start again in the main bin. Also ive beeb there digging over the remaining raised beds, now 4 have been dug over ready for the potatoes, onions etc to go in.  So this afternoon i took trip to the local garden centre to pick up some potatoes, onions, garlic, and parsnips. I still need to get some cucumbers in but i want the mini ones so i need to have a look around, maybe get them as plugs, will see. They didnt have our usual potatoes either, we normally get charlotte as new's and maris piper for main crop, but today i picked up Wilja as second earlies and  Rocket for the new potatoes, has anyone tried these...?
One job that i really need to do is to cut the grass!  dont you think the garden looks so much better with a grass cut.
 Ohh we had a couple of new birds to our feeders too, one im not sure what it is could be a chiff chaff or a warbler of some what, and also a pair of long tailed tits. Tits are so beatuiful here's a little blue tit enjoying a nibble..

I love watching the birds from my kitchen window..
I surprised a dear friend today as it was her birthday this week, nothing too big just a little she really didnt want anyone to know, but i made this..

A cheeky little bumble bee keyring.
She loves bee's so much that last year she got her own little beehive full of the little things.
So before the end of the week has fully finished Happy Birthday my sweetie, you know who you are!!!
Anyway for now im afraid thats it but hopefully next time i wont be away for so long x x Have a good weekend everyone x