Tuesday, 24 May 2011

can you guess what it is yet?

Well i hope you are all having a good week so far and i hope its not been too windy. Rain on the other hand has been abit lack, we havent really had any here and what we have had hasnt really done anything so im afraid i have had to put the sprinkler on. I wouldnt normally but over the last couple of days i have put in some more plants, like lavenders and nicitiania ( not sure if i have spelt that right but hey hoy) so i really dont them dissappearing to a crisp before i get chance to see them. You know its been ages since we have had proper rain im mean i cant even remember when we even had some last, a good couple of months if not more, the ground is just so dry, i wonder what the farmers are going to do.

Anyway last night i was beavering around on my sewing machine and i would like to show you a peak.....

Alright alright i wont keep you as i know your all wondering what i have been up to...

Tad taaaaa!!

Please do meet

What do you all think, i have fallen in love with her, she is my 1st proper make. Even Beth has aked if i can make one for her.. Only thing now though is to put a price on her, please do let me know what you would pay, as like i have mentioned in past blogs, i am making things to sell to put on a stall in a couple of months and i dont want to price things too high, so your comments are much needed. Thankyou.
This little bunny has come from a french embrodery magazine which my mother in law gave me. So i sourced the fabrics etc and there she is. So pretty and sweet i thought.
I really have enjoyed making her.

Anyway what else has been happening well i have repotted all my pepper plants into bigger pots and the tomatoes and mini cucumbers are now either repotted or moved into a big bucket in the greenhouse, the only thing is though is that my cucumbers dont look very healthy. I mean they looked ok to begin with but recently the leaves have started to go yellow. Ive been watering them, so if you know what the problem could be then please do let me know. I cant wait to see them all ripen and to see their lovely fruits yum yum. Just in case though the cucumbers dont make it i have just brought 3 more plants of the min variety so fingers crossed, you never know they might all make it and i could have millions of them by the end of the summer.
Also this week i have asked a couple of businesses if they could donate anything to do with nature, you know like bees, flowery items like soaps made with bees wax, lavender products, because i want to raise some important funds for our local nature reserve...

The reserve has been supported by the local council, but the council has been hit hard by the goverment cuts, so now the Friends group which helps look after the reserve our left on their own, so hence the need for some fundraising.
You know its a shame that the goverments cuts are taking away all of the eco funds, i mean some one has to look after these sites or they will just vanish and disappear under all the brambles, and we all enjoy a relaxing walk in the countryside dont we. So anyway thats why i have decided to hold a raffle. I know this is abit cheeky but if any of you work for any business that supplies any natural stuff or anything related to nature that might be able to help then please do let me know.
Right now im off to catch up on a few of you and see what you have all been up to. x take care x