Saturday, 8 September 2012

All Change

Well these last couple of months ive been treasuring time with my 4 year boy as on Monday my he is starting his new reception class eeekkk!!! im really not sure if iam ready for it. Mentally i know he can take it but me, well i really enjoyed having him at home he has never done a full day at preschool as he only did afternoons and i know a lot of you will be saying oh you will enjoy the peace and quiet, i just dont know. My boy makes me giggle with the faces he pulls and he always wants to be involved in everything i do, even helping me in the kitchen cooking!!! well if cake is invoved i guess i cant blame him, i mean who doesnt like a bit of cake! Anyway i guess will see how Monday goes, tears at the school entrance will see.

On my last post which yes i know was back in July, i posted that we had picked up a doggy called Bailey. Well Bailey is definatley growing and becoming more confident everyday. Every Saturday morning for the last 5 weeks he has been attending his own puppy class which he really enjoys and the whole family can get involved too. Next week is the last puppy class boo hoo!! but they have said we could join the novice class, so we are thinking on whether we should join or not. Today's class well i dont think ive see so many puppies there must of been at least 30 odd!!! and we had an extra 20 mins of class to make sure we could all fit everything in.
 Would you all like to see another picture? well here he is......

My gorgeous boy Bailey who is now nearly 5 months old.
He really has become part of the family and we all love him to bits even the cats are adjusting ok even when Bailey wants to play and they dont!!

So what have all of you been up to?  im ashamed for not posting more often and seeing what you have all been doing so i guess i had better go and see!!!