Friday, 14 September 2012

Gosh how quick has this week gone. Bears first week at school has been fantastic, he has loved every minute of it so far but then saying that he has only been doing afternoons. Next week it will be just mornings which i must say will be a bit strange as i havent had to do the school run for this time of the day for a long time, well since my eldest two were at primary school so thats now coming on for about 3 years!!!

How have the rest of you been this week if you have had little ones starting school. So far i have held it together but i definatley think its going to hit me more when he starts to go all day, i mean ALL day without my little man, i will miss him dearly x

A dear friend of mine has been teasing me tonight about some fabric which she has got, showing me the pictures of it then not telling me what she is going to make with it. Then letting me know that tommorrow there will be a fabric sale in one of our local shops too. Do you think we are abit addicted to fabric????? so easy to do as there is so many nice pieces out on the market at the moment, i must say though i do like a piece of cotton duck, sometimes you just need that bit of weight to things. 

Talking about fabrics ive been making some things lately with more lovely japanese linen fabric.....

what do you think???

There are some really nice linen fabrics about at the moment.
This years going too quickly now the kids are back at school i now need to think of some xmas stock for the up and coming stalls i have booked.
Right thats me done for tonight so for now good night x