Wednesday, 2 November 2011

one year on

well its been  one year now since hubby had his accident. ONE YEAR.... neither of us thought that it would take soooooooo looonnnggg to get back on his feet. But hey it has. He is slowly still getting better until now, and no its not his leg this time its this.....

All weekend he has said that his face was itching and was sore and his eyelid had swollen up, so on Monday we decided to call the docters and we had an appointment straight away. When we got there we saw the nurse and i think they knew straight away what it was, so they then called the docter through. He was really quite concerned about how close it was to his eye, apparantly if the infection gets into his eye then it can cause blindness,  so they phoned up the hospital to get him in to see the eye clinic. Away we came with some antiviral tablets, the nurse said they would be small tablets, oh she must of been having us on as they are enormous.
So yesterday off we went to the hospital, on the exact day, 1 year on from when he had his accident.. Do i need to say anymore ( last place he really wanted to be).
We went in to see the eye docter, and brilliantly his eye his all ok, but then they turned round and said oh that doesnt look like shingles thats achne.... I mean his never had achne nor even had too many problems with spots, this docter even got someone else to tell us the same. Im sorry but i think they are talking out of their arse, i mean does achne give you a swollen eye?  makes you feel tired etc not as far as i know.. No confidence in these two docters at all i think one was just saying it to agree with the other, its not even if they had a good look at his face!!
As you can gather we both came away more fustrated and confused then anything.
This morning though hubby woke up and his face was even more red and swollen even under his eye this time, so really do the docters still thinks its achne.. If his eye still gets worst then i will go back to our local surgery and see the local doc again and see what he thinks. until then hubby is taking these antiviral tablets for shingles AND antibotics for the achne, Why take both? As you may of gathered im slighty annoyed...

Anyway enough of that, after sorting out hubby and once the kids have gone to bed i have still managed to find time to do these...

this is my little hen

and this is my little snail, which is ideal as a pin cushion..
i made 3 snails and 5 hens, all boxed and ready to sell.
I have two stalls so far that im doing in nov/dec with a possibility of a third. All local ones at schools etc so not big events.
Anyway im trying to finish this off in between watching kirstie  allsop doing her embroidery so i think im going to stop blogging and do more watching, well until next time, so bye for now x x