Sunday, 15 January 2012

down in the dumps

 Sorry i havent been here for a little while, to be honest i havent really been feeling myself this last week or so, abit down. Not sure why, whether its because hubby is having a bad time mentally at the moment or whether its because theres been abit of sickness in the house. Little Bear was ill at the beginning of last week my middle one has been ill this last couple of nights not nice im telling you, and me well i just dont feel myself, bloated and tired oh and a wee bit irritable so not like me at all...i just want to start feeling normal again what ever normal is.
Went to physio with hubby and they seem really pleased with his progress,great but i felt a little let down because it seems like it could be a long while before he gets off  1 crutch let alone both crutches, its been so soo long now not counting am i when i say its been 1year and nearly 2months. I know at some point hopefully things will be like what it was before his accident but please hurry up.
Im sorry i havent anything really else to say, how boring am i. I just cant seem to work properly at the moment, so as they say on top gear if you watch it, now on that bombshell its time to go.
So until next time bye....from the Bear household x