Friday, 5 August 2011


Oh my god, where have they gone. I have just logged into my tesco's email account and ALL, i mean ALL of my messages have gone, all that i have sent, received and even all of my contacts. I do hope that its just a clinch on tesco's part and that all will be sorted out soon, but i have this horrible feeling that they are all gone forever.
If anyone else out there has the same problem please do let me know and settle my mind abit.
Any way today my daughter has a friend round and they are having a sleep over. As it has been so nice today we thought that it would be great to get one of our tents out, yes one of four, we havent chucked out any since we first started to date. So we have the four man one out and im sure they are going to have lots of fun.
I really do wish hubby was up and about so we could do the same as a family but he would never get back on his feet, let a lone him getting on the floor in the first place.
Nevermind i say next year we will make up for it, anyway hubby is slowy starting to move around so we have to keep positive. I really cant believe that its already 9 months, i really cant see where the time has gone and for both of us still staying postive, well how do we do it.
 Lately i have been abit busy making some things for this summer stall so i shall have to post some bits on here for you all to see, please dont expect too much as im not an expert but i have enjoyed making them, so keep your eyes peeled. x x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

egg citing new delivery!

Well the holidays have started off well.
Cameron has now finished primary school, so he is starting secondary school in september. Big steps for all of us, for him its a new school, new friends etc for the parents its another child that has left primary school and you can now start to feel your age, i mean it doesnt seem like 5 mins since me and my hubby went to the same school, but now its been 25 years since then. How things can seem so fresh in your mind. Anyway im sure Cameron will have lots of fun but it just reminds me that i have to let go a bit more often....

Yes as the title says i literally had a egg citing delivery.....
Mable my brown hen has become broody this last 2 weeks, spending all day sitting on her nest box, not moving to far at all.  So after speaking to my dearest friend over at scented sweetpeas, she and her husband payed me a little visit. Down they came on their tandem..with a special delivery of 6 freshly laided hopefully fertile eggs... so hopefully around about the 21st of August we may have some little fuffy chicks, oh i cant wait i feel like an expected mum all over again.

 Also the timing couldnt be much better as it will be Camerons 11th birthday on the 21st so hopefully a lovely present, we shall have to wait and see.

We all had a good day out the other saturday, as there was a family fun day/bug hunt at our local nature reserve. Lots of bugs and butterflies  were found, even this strange little fellow below......

its amazing how much fun can be had in a plastic tube...

one find was this horrid looking fellow...

Bear was joined by his friends Esme and James, Cameron had his friends Ethan and Oliver and Beth had fun with Ethan and Esme's sister Imogen. It was so nice just to have all friends together including all the parents and just relaxing and having fun.

Before i go i must say pop over and see the lovely lady at country rose as she is holding a lovely giveaway. I have had trouble getting the link but if you look at blueberry fields blog she has a link.

Anyway i hope you have all had some fun days x x x now i look forward in seeing what you have all been up to xxx