Monday, 7 January 2013

Well thats another xmas done and tommorrow everything returns to normality as my little herd returns back to school, in someways it will be rather sad to not have them back at home but i know all three of them have missed their friends.
In the morning it will be back to the routine of rushing around for the 2 older ones to get done for 8am and then my littlest to get to school for 8.50am, and then silence will ascend to the house, ( sad face now on)...
Anyway i guess it will give me more time to to think of some things to make for my fb page and prehaps i can even sort some more things to go onto my folksy page, you never know.

So what has everyone been doing on here, as iam disgusted to say i havent been on here since September EEKKK! im so sorry for the long break, i really must get back into a routine. I must say everything has been taking its toll on me coming up to xmas, so over the xmas period i have truly enjoyed the break. Now i feel abit more ready for the forthcoming year.

Today i have been rather busy not with crafts but with re-felting the shed and then re tiling the bathroom floor, cant get much better then that cant it, if you think you can beat that, then please do let me know.

Right i must finish as i have been rather distracted by the lovely Miranda!!! Cheeky.