Friday, 23 September 2011

ta da !!

Well these last couple of days i have been making a little something. I spotted the design on a lovely blog called the Pink Penguin go and check it out .
She had a lovely tutorial on how to do a fabric storage box.
But here is my attempt which i must say iam rather pleased, see what you think....

I mean its not that big about 20cms by 15cms, saying that i havent actually got a tape measure and measured it but it gives you a guideline. But im looking forward in putting some of my sewing equipment in it eg threads, bobbins etc
Even my daughter is now half way in making one for herself so she can put her cross stitch bits in it. I tell you one thing though this sewing stuff is really quite addictive, i mean i keep thinking now what else i can try. I suppose i want to challenge myself a little more.
Any suggestion will be most welcome.

Well what else have i been up to, well hubby has had the occupational therapist round to help with access for in and out of the house, which now we will be having one large slab placed outside the back door, so one jump up from the ground rather than the current 3... and at least he will have his walking frame level because at the moment it has to be at an angle just for him to be able to get in and out which really isnt too practical and safe. Also we are waiting to see if they might be to help with him to be able to have a bath or shower on his own, which at the moment isnt possible again due to his own safety. We shall have to wait and see on that one though.
What else do i know well me and my girls at the local toddler group had a little laugh today. All started off in the fact that today i had to go to the docters to have my 3 yr service if you know what i mean.. It was just the stories that they were coming out with like having the blinds open on the windows which i guess is ok ish as you look over open fields but what happens if the farmer suddenly goes pass in his tractor i mean what would you do where would you look... or  why is it when you go for these very embrassing appointments that the room that you have to go in is right next door to the waiting area, so when you come out, you feel very embrassed and you just think everybody knows what you have just been in the room for.. why not have a corridor between the room and the waiting area i dont know why...
Today though i guess i had to just put up with other professionals walking into the room while it was being done, yes there was a screen but thats not the point, there saying ' now just relax and think of something nice'  i mean how can you do that when some else walks in..... neither mind, i know its something we all have to do but it doesnt get any easier.....
Right thats enough medical stuff... this saturday im going out shopping with my mum. I only get to see her every now and then so its nice when will do meet up as we have a good chat and a bite to eat. She has only just come back off from her hols where the temps were 25c during the night and 35c during the day. So hot for her bless her.
Anyway its getting rather late so im going to switch off till next time  bye bye x x


  1. the fabric storage bag is lovely i made one of those a while ago for a strawberry swap and this has reminded me that i would love to make another one, (she adds this to jer very long list of makes)enjoy your shopping trip - tracy

  2. It is indeedy a very lovely make! I think I need a training lesson in how to make one :-) Off to nose at the tutorial. Oh I do love our meet ups at little lambs, isn't it great when we can all have a good laugh together. Sorry to hear someone walked in , how embarrassing! x

  3. Wow you did so well that storage box is fab ;-)) Well done you. Love your colour choice of fabrics to. Glad to hear that life is getting a little easier for you all. Hope you had a lovely time with your mum today. dee xx

  4. Love the fabric box, will have to look at the tutorial to see if I could give it a go!


  5. well yours turned out better then mine lol nevermind mine sill looks good yours is much better though well done xx