Friday, 14 September 2012

Gosh how quick has this week gone. Bears first week at school has been fantastic, he has loved every minute of it so far but then saying that he has only been doing afternoons. Next week it will be just mornings which i must say will be a bit strange as i havent had to do the school run for this time of the day for a long time, well since my eldest two were at primary school so thats now coming on for about 3 years!!!

How have the rest of you been this week if you have had little ones starting school. So far i have held it together but i definatley think its going to hit me more when he starts to go all day, i mean ALL day without my little man, i will miss him dearly x

A dear friend of mine has been teasing me tonight about some fabric which she has got, showing me the pictures of it then not telling me what she is going to make with it. Then letting me know that tommorrow there will be a fabric sale in one of our local shops too. Do you think we are abit addicted to fabric????? so easy to do as there is so many nice pieces out on the market at the moment, i must say though i do like a piece of cotton duck, sometimes you just need that bit of weight to things. 

Talking about fabrics ive been making some things lately with more lovely japanese linen fabric.....

what do you think???

There are some really nice linen fabrics about at the moment.
This years going too quickly now the kids are back at school i now need to think of some xmas stock for the up and coming stalls i have booked.
Right thats me done for tonight so for now good night x

Saturday, 8 September 2012

All Change

Well these last couple of months ive been treasuring time with my 4 year boy as on Monday my he is starting his new reception class eeekkk!!! im really not sure if iam ready for it. Mentally i know he can take it but me, well i really enjoyed having him at home he has never done a full day at preschool as he only did afternoons and i know a lot of you will be saying oh you will enjoy the peace and quiet, i just dont know. My boy makes me giggle with the faces he pulls and he always wants to be involved in everything i do, even helping me in the kitchen cooking!!! well if cake is invoved i guess i cant blame him, i mean who doesnt like a bit of cake! Anyway i guess will see how Monday goes, tears at the school entrance will see.

On my last post which yes i know was back in July, i posted that we had picked up a doggy called Bailey. Well Bailey is definatley growing and becoming more confident everyday. Every Saturday morning for the last 5 weeks he has been attending his own puppy class which he really enjoys and the whole family can get involved too. Next week is the last puppy class boo hoo!! but they have said we could join the novice class, so we are thinking on whether we should join or not. Today's class well i dont think ive see so many puppies there must of been at least 30 odd!!! and we had an extra 20 mins of class to make sure we could all fit everything in.
 Would you all like to see another picture? well here he is......

My gorgeous boy Bailey who is now nearly 5 months old.
He really has become part of the family and we all love him to bits even the cats are adjusting ok even when Bailey wants to play and they dont!!

So what have all of you been up to?  im ashamed for not posting more often and seeing what you have all been doing so i guess i had better go and see!!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Well hello, im so sorry i have been away for so long, i cant believe it myself that it was back in may when i last made a post!! where has the time gone, i mean the kids are breaking up from school this week!
Bear will be going up to reception class in september, which im not sure if iam ready for, it will be rather quiet without him here. I must enjoy the 6 weeks holidays i just hope this wet weather will clear away. Its been so wet that i've forgotten what lovely weather we should be having.
Well since i last posted there has been a few things going on, hubby has had a second  set of pain blocks put into his back. Even though it has dulled the pain he is getting some terrible aching, just cant seem to win. 
I have also set up a Folksy account and of yesterday i have sold my first item WHOOP WHOOP!! 
OHH and i have a new  member of the family....

Bailey is a chocolate and tan cocker spaniel puppy and is 12weeks old, we picked him up at the weekend and since then he has definatley come out of his shell,  he has a terrible habit of taking my slippers/shoes and running off with them!! The kids really love him, my eldest cried when she realised we were going to keep him. None of them had a clue what me and hubby were up to. Best surprise yet.

Anyway short post tonight so i hope everyone is well and i look forward in hearing from you all x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fabulous Fabric

As the title has already mentioned, i have found some fabulous fabric!!!!

Do you like???

We are very lucky here in cambridgeshire as we have quite a few charity shops, 1 is called open door and they have one based in newmarket and one based in mildenhall. I must say we are spoilt rotten as i have found quite a few treasures there. I do love the feeling of giving new life to something old, poor rejected things that no one needs  or wants.

Here is another unwanted piece of clothing, a scarf to be exact, now turned into a lovely woollen bag, fully lined and which sits just nice under your arm.

If you would to see more of my makes then please do come and see me on my facebook page 'bearsfootprint'. I have already had the lovely Lizzie from The Pea Pod pop over.

ohh i have a craft fayre which i will be attending next weekend so im busy as a bee making more things. I dont know about you but i always think that i dont have enough stock, so the last week running up to something like this i tend to panic, im sure i will have plenty but hey x
I do hope you have all had a good weekend x x  see you all soon x  x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

It's been a long time.

Hello, sorry its been such a long time but somehow time has ran away from me. I cant quite believe that my last post was at the end of March, i mean that's a whole month ago. I guess your all  wondering what i have been up to, well nothing too exciting. Its mainly been the kids, hubby and all his appointments and well me working.
I said it wasn't anything too exciting.
 Hubbys appointments have been stressful as the dept of work and pensions has told him that he has to attend interviews at the job centre to able him to go back to work. It's a joke really because he really is not ready to go back, physically and mentally but hey if he can push a wheelchair then that doesn't seem to be a problem? and mentally well i don't think they have listened to anything we said!!! at the medical. Dont get me wrong i understand what the goverment  are trying to do, you know getting all them lazy people back into work and stop them sponging, but instead all they are doing is  disrespecting the genuine ill people.
If my hubby could he would be out there working but he cant. Why does mental health have to be so invisable to people and yes i do mean the so called professionals too.

As you my of guessed me and hubby have been rather stressed with it all, prehaps this is why i haven't blogged lately. 
To make sure that i do get a little time out, i have had a little crafting,
i have made some bits and bobs...

this cute little phone case
and these

these cute little sun/glass cases
i really pleased how they have turned out.
I have them for sale on my new fb page, which is named bearsfootprints.
So pop by and say hello as i would love to see you there and then you can see some other makes x x
Anyway the computer is about to die on me so im afraid i must go and recharge ( the computer and myself)
So goodnight and farewell x x my lovely peeps x x x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What a wonderful week we have all had. Lovely glorious sunshine!!
So what have i been up to, well not too much i guess doing lots inside ( which yes is a shame but things still need to be done). I did go down to the local village nature reserve. Had a lovely walk down there with the kids. We were very lucky as we saw something very special.... I have trained my kids to be quiet as not to spook the wild life and we came across this..

A beautiful grass snake, i was truly lucky to get this picture as they are so quick to hide. In total we saw 4 grass snakes, which is great for the reserve, mind you some people who dont like snakes might not be too impressed but hey like i said normally they are so quick alot of people who go down there hasnt even seen one!
We also travelled down to the Marina and saw these fine creatures.

i just love being in the middle of nowhere (nearly) where you can see lots of different things. Animals are so beautiful when you actually take time to look at them properly.
Also on our travels as we were down the marina, we saw lots of canal boats..

Such a lovely atmosphere down there, people sitting outside chatting having bbq's etc and theres just something about being by the river.
So have any of you had a lovely relaxing time in this fabulous weather, i would love to hear about it!
Well thats it for now so i will catch up with you all soon x x enjoy your night x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

new kid on the block!

Firstly i hope all you mum's had a good day, me well i was working this morning but this afternoon i got some lovely little presents from my 3 little bears. Chocolate a must and very yummuy, mind you didnt last too long shared between the 5 of us, a lovely little owl decoration and a mug too x oh and i musnt forget the lovely handmade cards they made with their dear little photo of their faces x  I LOVE my lovely gorgeous kids x x

Another thing that happened this weekend as some of you are already aware of, is Floyd. Floyd has now moved to the allotments with a new flock of girls and another cockeral called Hector!
It was so sad to see him go, i packed into a box and popped him into the car for the short ride to the allotments. You know we didnt hear one little peep from him as we walked him round the track pass the turkeys, ducks, chicken, cockeral, horse and finally to his destination of  margaret's plot. Margaret is the lovely lady who is going to be looking after him. She had sorted out a new little pen for him until he has settled in, then she is going to move onto fresh pastures in another pen next door. When he moves over, he wont be alone as some of the girls will be going with him. This is also because Hector is the father and she does'nt really want him fathering chicks from them.
So Floyd has settled in well and the kids can go up and see him whenever they want, which is a bonus, we might also have a spare key too so we can even go into the pen and see him properly.  Anyway here are a few pics of him moving in.....

As you can see Hector and the girls are wondering who their new visitor is x
Also Floyd is definatley much bigger then Hector so not quite sure how they will get on .

And here is 2 of my boys trying to feed the rest of the flock x
Anyway at least Floyd is settled now and im pretty sure he will be very happy x

Friday, 16 March 2012

its time!

Well tommorrow is the day that Floyd is moving to his new home. Its a shame really as i have quite enjoyed hearing him crowing, but alas i dont want  to annoy the neighbours so its time to say farewell.  Mind you in saying that we can all still  go and visit him when ever we want. As the allloments where he is going is only across the road. Might even still be able to hear him, depending which way the wind is blowing...I will hopefully post some pics of him in his new home so you can all see him with his new flock of girls.
Anyway what else have i been up to, as im afraid i have been abit busy so the posts have been a little lack.
Well i have been in the garden again, sorting out the composts bins, putting the lovely new compost on the beds and turning last years compost into the next bin so i can start again in the main bin. Also ive beeb there digging over the remaining raised beds, now 4 have been dug over ready for the potatoes, onions etc to go in.  So this afternoon i took trip to the local garden centre to pick up some potatoes, onions, garlic, and parsnips. I still need to get some cucumbers in but i want the mini ones so i need to have a look around, maybe get them as plugs, will see. They didnt have our usual potatoes either, we normally get charlotte as new's and maris piper for main crop, but today i picked up Wilja as second earlies and  Rocket for the new potatoes, has anyone tried these...?
One job that i really need to do is to cut the grass!  dont you think the garden looks so much better with a grass cut.
 Ohh we had a couple of new birds to our feeders too, one im not sure what it is could be a chiff chaff or a warbler of some what, and also a pair of long tailed tits. Tits are so beatuiful here's a little blue tit enjoying a nibble..

I love watching the birds from my kitchen window..
I surprised a dear friend today as it was her birthday this week, nothing too big just a little she really didnt want anyone to know, but i made this..

A cheeky little bumble bee keyring.
She loves bee's so much that last year she got her own little beehive full of the little things.
So before the end of the week has fully finished Happy Birthday my sweetie, you know who you are!!!
Anyway for now im afraid thats it but hopefully next time i wont be away for so long x x Have a good weekend everyone x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

sunshine days

After spending a morning at work, it was so nice to come home have some dinner then to go outside to spend some time in the garden. My two eldest kids had gone out on their bikes and Bear was out side helping me. The garden needs so much doing to it. The rose bushes needed to be pruned,  1 job done.  The weeds need to be hoe'd out, some done. Oh so much i dread to think how long it will take. Poor hubby can only just watch as he is still unable to do any, so frustrating for him to see his beloved garden go downhill. So my promise to him is to try and get it round so when spring comes so it wont look so bad.
 For some of you who havent seen my back garden here are some photos....

yes as you can see its quite big/long, what you can't see is that there is another piece of garden just in front of the trees in the top picture. In there we have lots of plants in the summer so lots of beds that need weeding, we also have a bed especially for some most lovely roses. I can't wait to have them all in bloom again.. You wouldnt believe how many times i pricked myself on the thorns while pruning them anyway do you want a sneak preview of one of them in bloom....

I really love this one.
As well as the beds for the flowers, as you can see we also have some raised beds for the veg, which is another thing i need to dig over ready for the growing season which is also something i  still need to get. All those seeds carrot, parsnips, potatoes, radishes, french beans, spring onoins, onions etc Cant believe how far behind iam. Oh not to mention that i still have the green house to clean out. Well at least the chickens have a clean house with new bedding so the girls and boy are happy. Lets just hope the nice weather stays abit longer so i can do abit more and hubby can sit a tell me what to do.
I hope you have all had a good weekend and enjoyed the lovely sunshine while it last.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

flo or floyd

flo? or floyd?
that is the question..

here is Flo at 1 week old

and this is Flo at 25 weeks old.

Now this is the thing i have been patiently waiting for our Flo to lay her first egg this last few weeks but alas nothing, but i thought not to worry she may be a late one. But Thursday i had a sinking feeling as about 9.30am i heard a noise that just didnt feel right.
Flo had made a noise similar to a little cock a doodle doo...
NO!!!! i thought it wasnt was it, i mean as soon as i heard it i thought no.... but no, a gave it another day, no nothing, not one little squeak, but alas again this morning about 9am i heard her again. 4 times in total she tried to crow. My poor daughter is totally gutted. We all honestly thought that Flo was a girl. When i sat her down to tell her she ran off in tears, i mean it was her little hen.
Well after a couple of days for the news to sink in she has finally realised that Flo will have to go, be rehomed hopefully as i dont really like the thought of her going in the pot. Its a shame but i really dont think the neighbours would appreicate him crowing early in the morning.
I still cant quite believe still myself i mean i still keep calling her she when really i know that she is now a he. Hence the title of this post we have now changed her name to floyd.
He is such a gentle thing so friendly, i will really miss him.
Good news though... I spoke to a lovely lady that i know today at a jumble sale who has her own flock of chickens and 1 cockeral down at the local allotments. It just so happens that she was looking for another Cockeral as hers has already fathered some of the hens in her flock and didnt really fancy letting him at them. So she is more than happy to take floyd down there to keep the girls happy. Another bit of good news is  that the preschool has their allotment right next door so Bear can see him when he goes with the school and we can go and see him whenever we want.   Winning situation all round.. only thing is iam going to keep him just abit longer till he finally gets his proper cock a doddle do, which will also give his new owner time to sort out his accomodation.

Floyd is the one on the right, enjoying the snow with penelope. as you can she Floyd is much bigger then penelope, and even though this picture was only taken 2 weeks ago, Floyd already has bigger waddles and comb!
Anyway i have to think that he will be ok in his new home when it is time to go, and im sure he will love all the attention from the girls. Its just shame the he cant stay i know we have quite a large back garden but i just know  the neighbours wont be happy, i  really dont know how loud he will get or how many times he might crow and at what times, surely he couldnt get that loud but i just cant risk him  causing trouble.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

half term fun?

Well another half term is here and oh what fun we have not...
so far i have felt so full of cold that i really havent felt like doing much at all. My sinuses have been playing up so sleepless night, feeling blocked up All the time. My poor girl has got it too. you should of seen us. we both had nasal strips on our noses, flu capusules down our throats, even going to bed at silly times ( early i might add, not late). After so many days like this im hoping it will soon pass.  Everyone else seems ok so far.
Bear got a valentines card today from a very sweet friend. 1st valentines card at the age of 3 how sweet is that! Even my girl got a handmade card from one of the boys in her class..

I did manage though to take the eldest two to the cinema last night, its quite nice to spend time with the them away from Bear, they all need their own time with mum from time to time. I have also been doing abit of sewing with my not so little girl. Now 13 she's more like going on  18. We made a pin cushion out of felt and lovely it is too. i also have to get some fabric ready for her to take back to school as shes making a cushion cover, in the theme of 2012.
We have been doing lots of baking too. For Xmas the kids all got jars full of recipe's. Yummy.
1st one was chocolate chip chocolate muffins, very nice they were, even hubby had a couple and he can be very funny about cakes and biscuits.
And the one that we did this week was Gingerbread. I brought some lovely cutters at the weekend which were in the design of Dinosaurs ( bears favourite) and some very sweet , in tins of 3 hands and footprints.  So as you can imagine we had lots of fun cutting these all out.
They didnt last very long though, but hey the kids are always hungery.

So i wonder what you have all been up to over the holidays?,  i hope they were alittle better then mine..
I going now to catch up with you all as i have been away for some time and have missed you all.. see you all soon x x

Monday, 30 January 2012

slice of chocolate cake!!

A slice of chocolate cake always makes a girl feel better!!!

Chocolate cake freshly made for dessert... yummy.

Thankyou for all your kind comments in my last post. I know its been a little while since i last blogged but I have been silently been looking at all of yours.
I really dont know what has been happening lately, prehaps its the low after Xmas.

But Alas im back feeling much better. Im so pleased, dont really like feeling like that, im normally quite a smilely, happy person.
It's in these times that i realise how much it affects my hubby, being depressed like that 24/7 really isnt any fun.

Anyway what has been happening, well theres been alot of sickness, little Bear then middle bear, then older bear then back to little Bear. It seems so horrible and comes round so quickly, yuk. Not nice im telling you. It also seem to just happen on the night time too just as im off to bed. Well thats all cleared up now.... but i heard that one of Bears friends, sister was sick so still lots doing the rounds.
It was girls united on Saturday, i had Zoe from Scented sweetpeas pop round to show me her latest tries of something im sure she will tell you about.. and well when it was time for her to leave, she realised the car would'nt start... opps she had left her lights on.
So she tried to text hubby but she had ran out of credit opps again. Lucky that Superwoman (me)  came to the rescue. After a little bit of hunting around in the back of the boot, i found the jump leads Yay. Now where do we start we thought, last thing we wanted to do was to electicute ourselves. As all superheroes end, we finally after a few attempts managed to get her car started, woopee at last she could go on her way. After that and after seeing a certain fish n chip van go past we decided to have fish n chips for tea x
Ohh what else well i made this little teddy..

and also this little campervan fridge magnet

Im very chuffed with both of them.
I dont know who is on it or not but i now have a facebook page set up called Bearsfootprints, why not pop by if you are and say hello...
Well i suppose i have been chatting long enough, just one question before i go. I had a dream last night that i had made some crochet letters.. i mean i would know where to start but if any of you know how to do them and can help me out so i can try then please do let me know.. thankyou lovely people for all your support once again and i look forward now in looking at what all of you have been up to x x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

down in the dumps

 Sorry i havent been here for a little while, to be honest i havent really been feeling myself this last week or so, abit down. Not sure why, whether its because hubby is having a bad time mentally at the moment or whether its because theres been abit of sickness in the house. Little Bear was ill at the beginning of last week my middle one has been ill this last couple of nights not nice im telling you, and me well i just dont feel myself, bloated and tired oh and a wee bit irritable so not like me at all...i just want to start feeling normal again what ever normal is.
Went to physio with hubby and they seem really pleased with his progress,great but i felt a little let down because it seems like it could be a long while before he gets off  1 crutch let alone both crutches, its been so soo long now not counting am i when i say its been 1year and nearly 2months. I know at some point hopefully things will be like what it was before his accident but please hurry up.
Im sorry i havent anything really else to say, how boring am i. I just cant seem to work properly at the moment, so as they say on top gear if you watch it, now on that bombshell its time to go.
So until next time bye....from the Bear household x