Friday, 20 May 2011

what a last couple of days

well like the title says i have had a busy few days.
Yesterday well where did that go, all day no lie i was trying to sort out the printer, i was on the phone to kodak trying to get it sorted, then by email, then i tried abit more then finally at 8pm i done it, the computer finally realised what the printer was, and it worked yeh, and you know what it was........ in the end it was just the case i turn the broadband off then on and it worked, if i had realised at the begginning of the day then i could of done everything that i wanted to do.
Well today was definatley better.
 Kids off to school, then me and bear went to little lambs ( toddler group) had a good chat with a few friends, then home had dinner, bear went for a kip, then when the kids got home off we all went and done the food shop ( yes i know but it had to be done at some point), then fish and chips on the way home. Not too bad hey, but still lots more things to do.
For example i still need to send off my driving license to the dvla as the photo has expired, but they want me to give them £20.00 for the pleasure, so its mine and hubbys so £40.00 then i had to pay another £5.00 for the photos so altogether that £45.00, how can that be right. Isnt the tax, insurance and the petrol enough to pay for. Im sure im not the only one to say this.
Anyway enough moaning, what are the rest of you up to........

Have a good weekend, lets hope the sun shines for us all.....

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

im still here

Short and sweet,  im just wanting to let you all know that im still very much here, ive just been abit busy. Ive been trying to do abit more with my sewing machine, and even tried to make a piggy door stop, but alas it didnt turn out too good and im too ashamed to show you. Nevermind prehaps i was thinking i could run before i could walk.

Talking about sewing, i have trying to make some small items to sell on a stall in August, have any of you have any ideas what would be great but easy to do, as i seem to have abit of a brain freeze.

Anyway im going again now, so hopefully the next post wont be so far away.

Toodle pips my bloggy friends