Sunday, 25 August 2013

reflections on life

hhmmm now what to write, i have seemed to of neglected my blog for sometime and you im sitting here just trying to think what to say......
you know over the last few years i have had a lot of ups and downs, with my emotions flying all over the place. Happy days, sad days, frustrating day  and days where you wonder why.
 Normally iam a happy go lucky girl which giggles alot but even then i have struggled.
My hubby still has very limited mobility and suffers pain all the way through the day, and i have seemed to of upset a certain friend with out realising it... this i have tried to sort out by talking, inviting her out etc with not much response. I used to think this friend was a friend i would have forever, someone i could talk to about anything, giggled,  cried etc but to have that all stop with out any understanding on what has gone wrong has been very upsetting. What to do about it??  i dont know, after trying i guess i have to just let it be and hope she may understand how much the whole thing has troubled and upset me.. 
You know growing older i thought we had a better understanding on what life has to deal us but i guess some people will still be there to puzzle you...


  1. It's nice to see you back in blog land I was wondering to myself the other day how you were all getting on. It's hard sometimes living with someone who is in constant pain (my hubby has arthritis) I know I'm not the best sometimes at understanding how hard it is for him but I do try! ;)
    This can have a knock on effect for everyone in the family too and you are stuck in the middle trying to keep everyone happy.
    I hope your friend may in time come to realise that your friendship is as important to her as it is to you but if not then at least you know you tried your best. Keep your chin up and keeping making pretty things oh and I find a cup of tea helps too xxx

    1. Oh thankyou Tracy yep this last year has been rather hard, lots of things that have been challenging my thoughts, perhaps other things have been placed aside while i deal with other things. Likewise with the pain we can only imagine how much it hurts. Thank you for your kind words and lets share a virtual cake and drinks x