Sunday, 27 November 2011

Xmas Fayre

Before i start i must apologise for the darkness of the photos as the barn it self was in quite a low light.
My first proper Xmas Fayre was this weekend and ohh i felt excited if not rather nervous..
But hey i shouldnt of been, as it turned out rather lovely.
The Fayre was in a barn at a farm in the village, the same farm where we get our strawberries.  The owners were raising money for a charity called Becken, this charity is set up to build a school in Africa (i think) so far they have brought the land, but this needs alot of work to clear the area before they make a start on the building. Anyway back to the fayre, there was alot of people who turned up and the atmosphere was lovely. I decided to do this event with a few friends. One of them you may know was Zoe at Scented Sweetpeas, Zoe didnt have enough items for her own table so a couple of us shared her makes between us. For all of you who may not know her, she makes the most wonderful  felt Hairclips, hairbands, brooches and the odd xmas dec's, please do drop by and see her and say hello.
Also there were 3 more friends Louise who decorated some  fab candles and  also she did some flower arrangements, Lorraine who made some fabulous silver jewellery, she had some lovely pieces with fingerprints and footprints on them.

Here is the lovely Lorraine, sorry i have no close ups of her lovely Jewellery.
And lastly there was Jackie, she has been very busy making some lovely handmade clay xmas decorations in all different colours reds, blues, whites etc and they all have some sweet little sayings, pictures or items on them, like the lovely white westie and her fab gingerbread men.

Say hello to Jackie...
And last but not least Moi !

I had lots of different things for sale on my stall my hens, snails, elephants in blue and in pink, doorstops, egg cosies, lavender bags etc Alot of people came and went and overall i had a brilliant time, all of us made a little profit after taking the cost of the table off (which wasnt too much at £5.00) so we were all happy little bunnies. I managed to sell 1 doorstop, 1 blue elephant, lavender bags, 2 snails and 2 crocheted cats. I had also made these for the occassion even though this time i didnt sell any i will try again at another fayre in december which will be in the church. If they still dont go then i might just have to put them onto my own tree which to be honest i really wouldnt mind, i love homemade decorations on the tree.

I also had a lot of fun making these heart keyrings too.

So as you can see i have been a busy little bee in my spare time.
I had one more little surprise this afternoon i popped round to my little sisters as it was here birthday and low and behold between her and her partner they brought 5 of my hens ( which was all of them ) 1 doorstop and one of my fabric baskets, how surprised was i, she even suggested making up a little booklet with my items so she could show them off to all her friends to see if she could get more sales. What a great idea why didnt i come up with that one, i mean word by mouth is how it goes! isnt it...
I think i may be busy, what do you think oh nearly forgot to tell you a local lady who had her stall next to me said she might be interested in having some of my items on a sale and return basis hopefully in a studio she is hoping to set up in her house in the new year, you know im so taken back in the kind words people have to say especially when you have put in so much work into each piece of work. Im so looking forward now to the next fayre which will be in the church as it will be full of xmas trees, Yes the festival of light will be on at the same time, Oh i do love this time of year..
Thankyou for coming by and reading this xmasy post as usual i shall now take some time out to read some of your lovely posts x  x x