Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The chill is here

This week the weather has certainly changed. Definatley more colder and windy. Not like the nice summer days that we have all been getting. I guess we have done pretty well until now. I mean have you heard of lovely warm weather in the middle of october before...
Monday i managed to get out in the garden for a bit, just to try and tidy it up abit before the weather turned. Out came all the old seed heads, i think they have done what they needed to do.. Oh one thing that did surprise me is that at the beginning of the year like many we lost a Cordiline. Well like i said to my surprise it has actually started to grow back, we now have a miniture in its place. I mean it was rotted, totally died but hey i guess you can never tell, im so glad now that i hadnt pulled it totally out.
Let me think what else have i been up to?
Ohh hubby has got a new wheelchair coming in the next couple of weeks.. Its going to be so much better than the one that he has at the moment. This wheelchair we have borrowed from the red cross and bless them, it definatley seen better days. The new one has solid tyres, so no puntures or the wheels deflating, its going to be so lightweight, apparently its the same metal they use on aeroplanes.. the wheels and arm rests will come off so you can really take it apart to fit into the car. I know its abit sad but we are both really looking forward in getting it here.
Yes at the weekend there was a Jumble at the village hall which was done by the bowls club. So me and a  few friends met up and joined arms to attack the crowds. You need body armour to get through to see anything. Is every jumble like this or is it just here. Anyway the bowls club and W.I always have great jumbles and no they didnt let us down, i got some bargain clothes. Named brands were mixed in Boden, white stuff, Red Herring etc all for the amount of 20p each BARGAIN!!! Also i had a go on the tombola where i won a couple of things Jaffa Cakes and a bar of soap with a flannel, the jaffa cakes didnt make it to the end of the day. Oh and i also picked up a couple of round crocheted cushions. The crochet part has started to unravel so i thought that i might make another couple of covers and i also managed to get some fabric remanants too.
So as you can see busy busy busy
Ohh i have been making couple more bits

Little Ladybug,  i even done a leaf on the back!

sorry i know they are not the best photos ive taken, but i get terrible trouble trying to get some decent sun into the house.
I made this little ladybug brooch for a friends little girl who had her 4th birthday, she just loves ladybugs.
Also today i made not just one but 5 of these...

Blue chequered elephants
I thought that i might send one off to America, as hubbys cousin is expecting his first child this month, no extras to pull off so ideal for babies.. im really quite pleased with them its a  shame i only had enough material to make the five.
I guess i have gone on longer enough so before i bore you, i shall go.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog, now its time to read yours x x