Sunday, 3 April 2011

mothers day and car booty

Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there, i hope you have had a wonderful day doing what ever you want and being spoilt rotten.

The kids have been wonderful today. I have had plenty of hugs and kisses, drinks being brought to me, its been a dream.
This morning when i woke up i had the kids come into my bedroom and say to me its car boot day, can we go. As you may already of guessed they were quite eager to go, i guess its a novelty, as normally i work on sundays, so its been a real treat not to have to get up so early, mind you the carboot starts at 7am, but no i wasnt out of the house at that time more 8am. Even though 8am is still very early for a sunday, but once there the place was heaving, some people had already been round and had started to leave. I mean this carboot its only the next village down from where iam but its a big one and the first of the year so lots and lots of people about.
Anyway even though there were lots of people about i still managed to pick up a few things. I will show you some pics, but some of them are on my washing line so hopefully you will be able to see them ok.

this top was from next 100% wool and 50p, i thought i could cut it up and use it some how, cushion? what do you think.

 These trousers came from m&s and were £1.20 and a khaki colour, like wise they are 80 odd % wool, already they look felty, so i shall cut these up too and hopefully make something out of them.

Now this jumper fits, lovely colour, could easier felt if i wanted, but is quite itchy as like the other two items is made with wool.
Only thing is the label is White Stuff, and as a friend has said they can be really exspensive, so originally this jumper could of cost £50.00 rounded off nut only cost me a whoppping 50p.
So what would you do wear it, but be itchy OR cut it up to make things with???
questions, questions.
Also on my carbooty travels i got these....

This lovely fabric, the pattern and colours are so lovely.

Now these next two piece are from ikea, i just love the little teddies.

I have now just got to think of all the lovely things i could make.
Oh i do love carboots all of this for under a fiver, where else can you go and get such bargains, i just wish in a way i didnt have to work on the sundays, nevermind i do though have another sunday off in about 4 weeks time so cant wait hopefully this same carboot will be on.
Other things that i have been up to this week are, re potting some lavender and rosemary that i had from last year.

And in the garden, with this week still being warm, everything has sprouted more,

These are lilies called netties pride, and they are a lovely purple in colour.

 My Acers, i have 3 in the garden, have all started to shoot out new fresh leaves.

And these are my Prunus Kanzan, like wise i have 3 in the garden which are scattered in which will be in the long grasses and some wildflowers..are own little haven.

These blossoms will be pink in colour and i cant wait, as it will be the first year we would of seen it...

and these are our new shoots on our apple trees, bramley and granny smith.
Also in our garden we have areas where we have old tree stumps and i found these little fellows. 5 in total enjoying the sun.

 Returning back to today, the last day or so there have a few of you that have made some chocolate cakes all for different occasions, so in all you have tempted me to make some of these....

 If you havent realised by the photos, i made with help from a couple of hands some cookie and cream brownies and yes they are very scrummy.
The recipe came from lorraine Pascale, she has had a series on the tele called Baking Made Easy. These lovely brownies have oreo's in them so as well as the squigy you get a little crunch. This are not going to last that long, i can tell you that.

One last thing before i go, while in the garden the last few days, i have noticed a little something happening, in this bird box i have noticed a little activity with a pair of blue tits, how wonderful to have hopefully a pair of breeding birds in the garden.... spring is finally here..

I hope i havent bored you too much with all my goings on, and i hope you have all had a good weekend too.....
Thankyou for coming by x


  1. What lovely car booty finds, and all so cheep! Your garden is really springing into action as well, Lets hope the birds decide to stay and make there home in your bird box :)
    Sue xx

  2. Wow your children want to go to a carboot ;-) Mine would rather pull their hair out ;-)Bless them, lovely finds i love the flower power fabric gorgeous colour. Your garden is looking lovely this time of year is lovely with all the nice life coming. How lovely to have some birds nesting the kids will love it. Have a lovely week, dee x

  3. I have a couple of acers. Love their colour especially in the autumn. It certainly is a small world! I lived in no 3 omega house although at the time it only had one house next to it and my mum borrowed a patch of land over the road from a farmer to grow some veg on. I see there are new houses on it now.

  4. Now young lady, I am rather jealous here by all your lovely buys! I need to see all of them in the flesh! ohh the wool and the vintage fabric, so jealous! The White Stuff top, might be worth selling on ebay?

    I really must book a sunday off when you have a day off too so we can carbooty again together :-)

  5. Great buys! Not sure what I'd do with the white stuff top, I usually like white stuff clothes, maybe you should try Ebay and see if you can get anything? Your garden is looking great, love the ladybird photo too! And those brownies look delicious! :) x

  6. You certainly had a busy time ... I can't wait to see what you make out of all those finds. The stripey jumper would make a great cushion - really nice and bright.

  7. I've given you an award, Sal x

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I get to see yours :) great photos and I love your bargins!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. Fab finds at the carboot. How lucky to have nesting birds. What a treat if they lay their eggs in your garden x